Sunday, March 20, 2011

I bet you didn't know we had a baby.

So this week Aaron had spring break, so we were going to get Sammie spayed. Sammie on the other hand, had different plans. She started her first heat cycle before we could get her spayed. BOO.
I am pretty upset about it because being the paranoid dog momma that I am, I always think of the worst. Did you know that female dogs who go through even just one heat cycle are at a significantly higher risk for breast cancer? Spaying before their first heat cycle can eliminate this almost by 100%!
I was not expecting her to have her first heat cycle this early. She is not even 1! I have read that a dog can get it as early as 6 months, but typically it is around 18 months. Sammie's first birthday is next friday {3/25}, I thought we had more time.
Anyways the purpose of this post is to document what it is like to have a dog in heat. I am urging all pet owners to get their animals spayed/neutered! Especially if you have never had a female dog in heat, seriously it sucks.
First off, she was super irritable and then, came the blood. At first I didn't really notice it, until I went to work and noticed blood on the sleeve of my cardigan. EW. 
In the following days she got more and more swollen{her lady parts}. Poor baby girl is waddling around the house laying down and then standing back up, constantly trying to get comfortable. All of her nipples are also very enlarged. 
 That isn't even the half of it, she got blood all over the carpet and then the marking started. Oh the marking. Worst thing ever! At first I thought she just peed on accident, until it happened twice in a row! Then I read that dogs in heat often urine mark! OH boy. We couldn't have this happening so Aaron and I went out to the store to get the baby some diapers.
She looks humiliated! Look at the funny tail hole!
Bahahah. I secretly love the diaper, I feel like a real mom now! HA.
I love that second photo of her sticking her tongue out! What a goob.

You should see how funny she walks with them on. At first she was scared and ran around in circles trying to get it off. She is more used to it now. You can bet on one thing though, as soon as this awful heat cycle is over she is going to get spayed first thing! Speaking of heat cycles, being "new" to this whole thing I have no clue how long to expect this process to take. Any other female dog owners have an idea of how long this will last? 
I feel so bad for my poor baby girl!
This has been her position for most of the day, I think she is really tired. Also she quite possibly might be just super humiliated. What a little cutie chewing on her rawhide<3 I love this little lady.
Today is day six on the "shred" it is getting easier by the day! Almost time for me to move up to level 2.
Things I hate:
Pushups, I can't do them to save my life!
Jump rope
Butterfly crunches, I also can't do these worth a darn! Plus holy smokes they are hard!!
 Things I like:
Chest flies, I really like the way they feel
Regular crunches-easy peasy
Boxing-also easy
Have a great night!


Katie said...

my dogs have been in heat before. we also had to buy them doggie diapers! poor things. i had no clue about the breast cancer though. good thing we took care of that!
if i can remember correctly, i think it's about two weeks long. but i think they only get it once or twice a year? i might be way off because the last time she was in heat was about 6 or 7 years ago.
good luck with that! she's a trooper :)

Kandice said...

i've heard of dogs in heat but i've never heard of all the side effects. that's so cute that you put her in a diaper! i love it :)

sorry you went through all the trouble {and i'm sorry for your poor baby too, like i said, no idea they felt uncomfortable from all the swollen parts. poor things} good luck getting her spayed!

Janna Lynn said...

Oh no! This happened with our little Chiweenie and our Stray Maybe..who is no longer a stray but when she first came she went ahead and had her cycle! They are both scheduled it just takes awhile to get into the place we go. Ding Ding's was too small for the longest time, but she is the right size now. I know I read about the risks too...but for me I figured death by surgery was a higher risk when she was extremely tiny so...we waited. It'll pass soon, at least yours keeps the nappy on! Ours kept running out of it, we had to jail them into a tiled area! :) Hearts and Hang in there, Janna Lynn

Paigeepee. said...

hahaha cute!!!! i love doggy's in diapers i think they are precious:) we want a puppy for river because they are her favorite things, so i found this blog educational because i didn't know the whole shebang with the heat thing! holy cow I'm sorry! it doesn't sound fun at all :(

but yes yes pretty please? i am very much in need of an adventure!! when are you free??? since i switched to day school i have most nights and Sunday and Monday :) just a text me :) and I'll show you the hair show video after if you'd like??

Amylou said...

Poor baby! Hopefully it's over soon!
Very cute photos though!

Chrissy said...

Oh no, I hope it's over soon! Good idea with the diapers!!
Sounds like you are doing great on the shred! Can't wait to hear about the results when you're done!
Happy Monday!

Diana Smith said...

How horrible!! For you and your puppy!! You are her momma so you want her to be comfortable and happy and its so hard when they aren't!! My parents had a dog who would go into heat, but they never neutered her (not sure why) it was awful, I hated it!! That stinks that right when you are going to get her neutered she goes into heat, what are the odds! I hope its over very soon!

Liz said...

Oh gosh!! I'm so sorry :(
I got my dog spayed as early as I could... I was terrified about her going into heat.
I hope things get better :(
She is cute, though ;)

~April~ said...

My sister ordered this precious little red bloomer-type thing for her dog, Minnie. It had ruffles on the butt and came with disposable pads that you just changed out. It was too cute!!

Ashley said...

Aw, poor thing and poor you! The diaper is kinda cute though. ;]

All of my dogs have been spayed/neutered right away so I never had to deal with that luckily. And I am SO glad I didn't now!

Char M. said...

I HATE when Olive is in heat. It is the worst. Blood gets everywhere I have to cover the couch with old sheets b/c when we aren't at home she takes the diaper off. Olive has been in heat up to 14 days, it seemed like months! We want to get Olive spayed too. Good luck! Seriously, putting diapers on them, makes you feel like a real mom haha.

Breeanna @ a brilliant melody said...

Aww poor baby! I'm very glad we spayed both our dogs before they had their heat. Sometimes we wish we had bred Evie, the older one, because she is purebred and comes form a line of working dogs who have won many competitions. We kind of feel bad wasting the potential her kids could have had, but in the long run, we're glad not to deal with the dogs heat!

I think it only suppose to last a few weeks to a month, but not sure.

Brett said...

Ugh, I hate it when Harley is in heat too. We were going to breed her and have just recently decided not to. So she will be spayed this summer probably. She is usually in heat twice a year for 3 weeks at a time. She bleeds for a week, and then is grouchy for a week and then bleeds for another week. I have to cover the couches too. It really really really sucks so I'm glad we're putting an end to it soon! I had no idea about the cancer thing, that's crazy! I hope Sammie gets through it quickly and you all survive without going crazy!

Lei said...

Ooh how adorable! I also love that photo with the tongue sticking out. Haha.

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