Sunday, March 20, 2011

Compost pile.

I am so excited and impatient for spring to come!
Yesterday Aaron cut down the rose bushes in our front yard, so that they will grown nicely.
It is crazy to see them this short, I should have taken a before picture. Some of these rose bushes were as tall as 6 feet!
Today we loaded up the back of the truck with the clippings and took them to the environmental waste dump. We had on leather gloves so we wouldn't prick ourselves with the thorns, but I went to pick up a branch and I guess I squeezed it too hard. A thorn went straight through my glove and into my thumb! Ouch!
This dump is so crazy there are mountains of compost!
I felt like I was in a graveyard for Christmas trees. The air was thick with the smell of rotting pine needles, and garbage. 
Today I discovered some plants had sprouted in my backyard! It looks like I am going to have tulips and they are going to bloom any day now!! I am so anxious to see what beautiful colors come out of them:)
I am having a "hair crisis" my hair has been short my entire life. This is the longest it has ever been and I don't know what to do with it! I want to have long beautiful Kim Kardashian-esque hair but at the same time I hate long hair. It gets stuck underneath my purse straps, and gets in my food. I hate my bangs. I am bored with my color. HALP. What do you think? Should I keep growing it out, or cut it all off? Should I dye it dark again, or go with a bright red color? Decisions, decisions!
I am too impatient!
I had a great weekend! 
Yesterday Aaron had his friends over again to play video games and I told him he could have them over if he cleaned the house first. Guess what?? He actually did it this time, I am so proud of him! haha.
While they were playing games I crocheted a sweater for Oscar. I have been trying to create a good pattern for a doggie sweater and I am pleased with the outcome of this one:)
Today Aaron and I went up to SLC to go to Whole Foods to stock up on some gluten free food. We picked up my sister Angela once we got to Salt Lake and then headed over to Whole Foods. We saw my friend Marci there whom I haven't seen for years! 
{okay she was at my wedding 10 months ago} 
BUT before that though it had been 2 years. It was good to catch up. After Whole Foods we went over to the Dancing Crane to walk around and look at all of their neat items from all over the world. 
Then we went to my sister in-law Amanda's house to visit for a minute. 
We got to test out her kinnect while we were there, it is pretty dang cool!
We got some dinner and then Aaron and I headed back home. 
All in all I had a great weekend, we did lots of work but still got to get some play in:)
I hope you had a great weekend!
P.S. Did anyone actually witness the "super moon" it is way to overcast here to see it.


chloe.anne said...

Hi Heidi I came across your blog and I think you should keep growing your hair and go red! a side fringe might suit you if your getting bored, cute doggy and blog! :).
Hugs, Chloe

Katie said...

sounds like a perfect weekend!
the super moon? i don't even know what that is haha.

but as for your hair, I think you would look SO pretty with long hair. my hair is pretty long though, and i have to admit i get annoyed with the dead ends and such. but maybe if you decide to grow it long you could just dye it for now to distract you from the length! haha i'm always for the natural colors, so i'm gonna say do it dark! but no matter what you decide you'll look GORGEOUS.

Eva said...

good for you for disposing of the branches proporly! my husband would be so proud :)
Also, I'm the same way with hair. I want it long but then it just kinda hangs there. Maybe have fun with the colour? Or get just a bit of a trim, it can help a lot sometimes.

renee kristine said...

I'm not liking the time difference between us! as soon as i get off for the night, there you are!

So here are my random thoughts///
I'm so glad you had a good weekend
those rose bushes look so sad!
i hope your wee thumb is okay
i think i can smell the "thickfreakness" of that garbage

same hair problem! This is the longest it's ever been... forget purse straps, try armpit! and when you're rolling around on the ground with the kid (or your dogs) other people lean right on in, palm first. and your son uses it to pull himself up. ugh. and when i was pregnant, i didn't cut my bangs at all... i had almost gotten past the awkward stage right before your bangs can go behind your ears... then i cut them! why? good question.
If you can pull it off, go short. like, scarlett johanson bob-cut short.
and light. lighten it up for summer. even if you just make it a basic brown then hang out outside this summer (note to self; get a tan. you can join me in that, too if you'd like) that way the hair brings out natural highlights

cute dog sweater, my kid wouldn't even fit in that.
you could make baby clothes.
i want to go to salt lake city
i should be eating gluten free, but it's so very expensive.. please breakdown for me what you bought/usually buy and the cost hahaha

all work and no play can make heidi a dull girl, glad you had a good one!

oh, and my post; i get sucked into design blogs for hours. i try to limit it to just friday nights because i know how bad it gets.. i did it all day yesterday, too. ugh.
i'll have to post more now!

30 day shred- i have been eating pretty fucking bad too. even worse? i didn't do the shred yesterday!! i only did stretches. i felt okay about it at the time, thinking 1 day isn't a big deal... well, it is if you skip out on day 4! i WILL do it today!
good job!

taryn said...

i'm notorious for growing my hair out and then chopping it all i might not be the right person to comment on your hair. i think it looks good the way it is now though :) and if you're coloring do something crazy! if i colored my hair i'd def. do maybe dark on top, light/bright color underneath? do something rad with it! i've been au natural with my haif for like 4 years now and pretty much am terrified to color anymore so i have to live through other people's pretty hairs :)

also i can't believe how springy it is there compared to iowa! you saw my tulip blooms - they're hardly anything yet!

and no i didn't see the super moon either - it ended up thunder storming all night. lame.

happy sunday!

Chrissy said...

Sounds like a great day!
I would let it grow! Your hair looks great long!!
And that doggy sweater is so CUTE!!! Love it!
Happy Sunday love!! xxx

Anonymous said...

grow it out! and dye it red too! red hair is awesome... i might be biased though. i have red hair. :)

Diana Smith said...

Yes, grow your hair! Its reallly pretty! I want Kim Kardashians hair too!! I wanted it to so much that I got extensions for my wedding...never will I do that again! It was horrible! But I recently cut my hair after my baby was born and now am growing it back out, such is the life of a girl so indecisive!

david and christina said...

hey check out this link... its so cute!

david and christina said...

Janna Lynn said...

Hee hee hee! I'll be doing a blog post soon...and I trimmed up mine again...Mia Farrow short! :) I couldn't help myself! I was still having some dead (killed by extreme dye) now that's all gone and its a lovely red shade still! I adore my short hair...but I remember when I was gonna grow it like two weeks ago..hee hee! I came to the realization that no matter how long I grow it I won't look like (put any celebrity name in here). I like the ease and style options of short hair. Short for life!! I have a vvvvery pixie do now, and am very happy! I'll be even happier when its hot out this summer! You know what you wanna do...deep whatever that is...go with it! I think you wanna do your hair super should do it! You will look great either way, I know that for sure! Hearts, janna lynn

Deanna said...

i saw the super moon! but honestly, it didn't seem that much more impressive than a regular full moon.

the doggie sweater is so cute! :)

and about the hair? i am the wrong person to ask. i am so impulsive when it comes to my hair. it's horrible.

Janette said...

You're my hero! Yard work is the pits! I still say you should go platinum..Or red... Yes. I vote red!
Janette, the Jongleur

kenzie said...

how cute are you! i like the long hair, but thats just me. i'm the same way- i've always had short hair. this is the longest i've had it 10 years. i say, rock the long as long as you can. and i'm in favor of a spunky red color. if you dont like it, you can always dye it back dark, right? shake it up for spring! hows it going? i feel like we haven't talked in for-ever! hows WW going? whats the story, morning glory. also, high five for being so productive this weekend. i didn't do jack. you win, you always do :)

With Love, Jamie said...

Ooh! Tulips :) :)
I love your hair in those pictures, actually!!

Knitful Dezigns said...

I think your hair looks fabulous :) im trying to grow out mine too and its definitely a process :(

The sweater for Oscar is way to cute <3 love it!!!

Nathan and Aimee said...

mountains of compost and crocheting sounds like a fun weekend (minus the thorns). and I always vote for colorful hair, even though mine is boring. Supermoon was super. It was bright enough that I could see the whole horizon at 11:00. aimee

renee kristine said...

oh, two questions
1- how do you like your tom's? i like super comfy shoes, so i really need the dirt on them. do you work out in them? if not; what's your "running" shoe? and workout gear; ie yoga pants? one of those tank top sports bra things?

2- 30 day shred on demand only has part 1. part 1 is 10 days. part 2 is day 11-20. part 3 is day 21-30. problem. so, what should we do then? buy the dvds? eh. or we could try her other workouts (if you have the same menu)yoga meltdown, trouble zones or whatever... or a different something all together?

apparently i have lots to talk to you about, we need a better way to communicate.

beckz said...

it's funny because my hair has never been any shorter then just below my shoulders! i'm terrified to have short hair, mine's just always been long.
i just wanted to say that is a very cute doggie sweater! and i want that striped shirt you got in your post below this :)

Paigeepee. said...

oh my gosh where do you live? i swear I've seen your front yard before!

Amylou said...

Yay for spring! Rose bushes and pretty!
I think your hair is so pretty, but I too have to deal with the purse straps thing! Gosh that is so annyoying. I would totally get it if you wanted to cut it. What does your hubs think?
Oscar looks so cute! What a sweet sweater!
Sound like a great weekend...and yes I saw the super moon!

Liz said...

I love red. And you're so pretty; you can pull it off.
I've had long hair FOREVER, and I chopped it off last fall. DoWhatchaWant, I say!
Change is good, but growing it out is fun, too.

Ashley said...

Your hair is SO cute! But I can totally understand wanting to chop it all off. I love the look of long and short hair so I always have this crisis. I've learned to keep it short though. And just sadly ache for long hair. ;]

Whitney, Coty, and Mr. Mason said...

i saw your hubs picking up the rose bushes and throwing them in a pile on my way home from work.

Breeanna @ a brilliant melody said...

Maybe you can keep growing your hair, but just get a different hair cut so it looks different. I think red would look good on you. Go for it!

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