Monday, March 21, 2011

Another hair crisis!

Like I've said in previous posts, I am having a hair crisis!
I have always had short hair, like always. At the beginning of 2009 I got a haircut that I wasn't particularly fond of. I started growing it out from that point and have only trimmed it up once since then. I have extremely thick and curly hair. Most people don't even know my hair is naturally curly because well, I straighten it every day. Lately I feel my hair is just blah. Quite frankly I look more like a sister wife right now than a hairstylist. I bet you didn't even know that I am a cosmetologist?? Currently I am working for an OB/GYN office as a receptionist but I do hair on the side. So I think the bump and grind of waking up early for a job and wearing scrubs has kind of made it easy to put myself on the back burner. I need a change, and I need your help. So I am going to show you some pictures of various hair I have had and I want some feedback. Also I am debating on short or long styles, I wish I had pictures pre 2008 of  to show you. Those were the good ol' funky hair days. Unfortunately I lost them all:(
Ok so here goes:
This is me when I was seventeen. My hair was short and I am pretty sure this was the first color that I ever had on my hair.
 {pretty close to natural}
This is when I was 19 I had like a gold-ish brown base color with blonde and neon orange hi-lights. 
{sorry none of these pictures do the styles any justice}
This is me at age 20. I was a toe head as a little kid and decided to go back to my childhood roots. I loved being this blonde, and actually I was way lighter than this before i went back dark. I can't find any pictures though!
This is me around the same time, blonde hair again I'm the one on the left. My best friend of that time is on the right. I miss that girl. {p.s. I made her platinum too, we were twinz}
You know you are jealous of my awkward face making skillz in this one. This is after I had to chop off my mop of platinum overly processed hair and decided to go dark. I added a ton of bright red panels throughout. Fun but I don't know if I am too old for this now. I was still 20 in this picture.
I was 21 here. This is right after I got Oscar, before I got him I was struggling with severe depression. I should really write a post about how Oscar changed my life sometime. It is true, I was having some of the darkest times of my life. Anyways boo hoo right? This is about my hair not my personal life. It is funny though, how writing this post and looking back at past pictures is bringing back a lot of memories. My hair was a 3V in this picture, it was very violet in the light. Of course you can't even really tell from the photo. 
This is me at the ripe ol' age of 22 this picture was taken in Florida. I had pitch black hair and I was really tan 
{for me at least} 
Too bad the bug glasses and the squinchy smile kind of make black hair look awful. 
Same age same hair, different photo, bad angle. Tan though right?? Of course my face is covered in powder so it makes it look more pale once the flash went off, whoops.
Plane Jane dark brown hair. A 5N to be exact.I look jaundiced in this picture! 
This is one of my more recent colors. Shame on me I have only colored my hair 3 times in the last year. This was a 6RR I loved red, I had this color for the wedding. This is one of our "engagement" photos, we didn't use this one but it showed the color best.
Okay so I know these pictures didn't really give you a good idea of the colors. 
I guess I also wanted a little trip down memory lane. 
I miss being younger. 
Everyday I drive past my high school and it makes me sad.
 Did I seriously go there five years ago?? 
It seems like only a few months, I am really freaked out by how quickly life is passing. 
{or so it seems}
 Before you know it I will be a mom and then my kids will be parents. 
Seriously the thought is freaking me out.
Have a lovely week!


Katie said...

haha i love the sister wife reference :)
i'm in love with the red hair you had. that's my favorite.
and my second favorite is the first photo. so cute!

Deanna said...

so i've definitely had many of the short haircuts that you've had. you've got such a gorgeous face that all of these cuts look great on you! i think i like your haircut from when you were 17 the best.

posidanielle said...

omgosh! I love all your styles! You are simply beautiful! I wish I was brave enough to chop off my hair that short! I also wish I went and got my cosmetology liscence. I love doing make-up and hair. I just never got around to it. Now I regret it.

I think that you are never too old for bright bold colors. I am still trying to achieve my perfect red. The bright bold red. Almost a bright red with some violet in it.

I really like the cut with the bangs straight across its such a gorgeous cut on you.

I need your help the next time I'm trying to figure out cuts.

Why couldn't we have been bffs when I lived in Utah?! Boo!

with a chance of said...

Your hair looks great now but I understand how you feel. I think you look awesome with straight across bangs and you should def. get them again! I think you should keep your hair long though (maybe that's just because I'm trying so hard to grow my out lol.) Color; I think you look great with all over dark hair or super light hair. Either extremes look so amazing on you!

I don't know I helped very much but there ya go! I didn't know you were a cosmetologist. I worked in a salon for a few years; I loved and hated that job!

Whatever you decided you're going to look amazing! ^_^

Amylou said...

Ok so the very first photo is my very favorite style! Seriously so cute! I like the sideswept bang on you. And can I say that you kind of look like Kristen Stewart in that photo?! Hope that isn't offensive. I know some people can't stand her. But you look so cute and I bet you could rock that style again.
I also really love the style and color in your engagement photo! And again you had a sideswept bang. I just think it is so pretty on you!
I hope you write that post about Oscar because I would really love to read it!!!

Janette said...

I AM jealous of your awkward face making skills.. You are soooo cute! And it's hard to pick which color suits you best because you're such a beautycake any way you slice it! So.. I say pick two colors and flip a coin. Best I can do. Ha! I would love to hear about the Oscar story too!
Have a great day pretty one!

Janette said...

I AM jealous of your awkward face making skills.. You are soooo cute! And it's hard to pick which color suits you best because you're such a beautycake any way you slice it! So.. I say pick two colors and flip a coin. Best I can do. Ha! I would love to hear about the Oscar story too!
Have a great day pretty one!

Anonymous said...

Gah you are beautiful with short hair, your face shape suits it perfectly. I'm also amazed that you suit being blonde and dark haired. Lucky duck!

Liz said...

There are some people that I just want to shun. You are one of them.
I hate you so much.
Deep, passionate hate.
Let's trade faces.
And hair.
My next color is going to be that bright, bright red.. kinda like one of your pictures. I've thought about going BLONDE, but I don't think I can pull it off.
You, on the other hand, can apparently pull off any freakin' color you want!
It's quite unfair.
I say, go bold. BOLDBOLDBOLD.
But that's just me.

renee kristine said...

the short hair looks great on you... you should have posted some really good ones of what your hair currently looks like.. i likw it long... i like it blonde, too. what're the odds that you'll do a light brown/dirty blonde... better yet; a basic brown shade with many many subtle light blonde highlights throughout?! (that was my own favorite hair color, i wish i could get it back)
if you can tolerate the summer heat, try to keep it long. but i think the lighter the better. especially since i assume you'll be working on a base color this summer [aka, us pale people don't tan, we just end up turning a normal flesh color]

Ashley said...

LOVE the first cut! I would say with blonde or red it would be super hot. ;] But you're too cute for words anyway.

Chrissy said...

I love all styles! Loved the blonde!! And, I agree with Ashley, I love the first cut!!! Very much!!!
Happy Tuesday!!

taryn said...

i'm def. digging the age 20 look, short and blonde. i think you're super cute anyway but you look amazing in the picture with lamb chop :)

AND i think it'd be rad to throw some color in there if your job is cool with that. i don't think you're too old!

and i miss being young too. time really does seem to speed up when you're old and attached. i'm only a couple years away from my 10 year hs reunion and that is SO CRAZY.

have a great day!

~April~ said...

I think my faves are the most recent pic (I love red hair!!) and the 21-year old pic. You look like Shannyn Sossamon in that one... plus I bet the violet would be pretty! :)

Eva said...

you're so pretty! i really like the black

Janna Lynn said...

Bwahahaha...sister wife! You crack me up! I love all of those pictures but I really love either the red or blong...I just couldn't decide! I like the shorter hair on you, I think it looks awesome! I'm actually thinking you look amazing in bangs...ever done a shattered short 1920's bob? With the red! I think I just shrieked because you'de look awesome with that!!! I'm so excited for you to change up your hair! Hearts, Janna Lynn

bebe bird beck said...

I'm the same way! Lately I've been feeling soooo old. I don't like it at all and I want life to slow down! I want to be 18 again just for a little while.
AND. You look gorgeous with all of the hair styles! I do super love the blonde short hair on you. So cute.

With Love, Jamie said...

Seriously :)
You can totally pull off that short hair! I love it!
I think you looked awesome with blonde!

~April~ said...

Just wanted to let you know you were given a little award on my blog ;)

Diana Smith said...

I LOVEEEE you as a blonde! Ever want to go back???

Nathan and Aimee said...

I like the short hair. So cute. I'm not sure which color because you rocked them all. I especially liked the blond or the violet. I really can't believe you have curly hair! aimee

Paigeepee. said...

you can pretty much pull off anything Heidi!!!
i really like the dark on you best and or maybe platinum. i can't decide! but surely a dark neutral shade or a cool blond! also i love the asymmetrical aline on you.
IN LOVE with it actually
and I'm a true supporter in your disconnected idea as well.

Fin Ryder said...

You are gorgeous in each of these hairstyles and colours but I think the pitch black (and cut) and the blond are especially flattering.

This is a fun idea for a post (something, over the years) Also.. your posts crack me up :)

Whitney, Coty, and Mr. Mason said...

ha at first i thought the first picture was angela and the third from the bottom was yoshi!!! i like the blonde and short and very choppy/razored! maybe even with some very thin low lights like a darker brown just to add dimension.

Kiersten said...

I love this post so much. I especially loved what you said about how certain hair can bring back memories. I totally base times of my life on phases of my hair. Like, "oh, that was when I had my mullet!"

Also, I have no idea what I would do if I didn't work at a salon. I'm so enabled by fabulous cosmetologists all around me, it's ridiculous.

kenzie said...

this was SO FUN. i love the blonde. you are SO FREAKING PRETTY. get out of town.
no, really. get out of down and come to my town and lets go to coffee.
that sounded like i was trying to pick you up, didn't it? well, im not sure how to fix that, so interpret what you will.


Breeanna @ a brilliant melody said...

You look so different with blonde hair! I could never go blonde, but you look good. I think I like red best :)

I know what you mean about time flying. I graduated high school 10 years ago! crazyness!

Breeanna @ a brilliant melody said...

I forgot to say I also have curly hair and straighten it most days! In January I got a keratin treatment to straighten my hair ( have you heard of that), and it made my hair super soft and straight for the first month, but not my hair looks dry and blah :(

And it was way too expensive, so I won't be doing that again!

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