Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Whimsical Day

Today I received a very pretty package from a beautiful friend!
Chrissy from Chrissy in America and also the creator of the lovely Etsy shop Whimsical Poppysmic!
Look at how cute she wrapped up my goodies!
Here is what she sent:
Um.. Can you say awesome! These beautiful fingerless gloves in my favorite color!
They even have a pretty cable knitting around the edges.
She also sent me this:
A pretty headband with hearts and bead work!
(very comfortable too)
And last but certainly not least:
This awesome heart brooch! 
I have been eyeing these in her shop and I am SO happy she sent me one:)
I am so grateful for such awesome and talented blogging buddies.
Thank You so much Chrissy!
If you haven't already done so please check out her blog
and Etsy
She is an awesome person, and definitely a blog following must.
If anyone else out there is interested in doing a handmade trade email me:
Another boring scrubs outfit.. Taken in my work bathroom haha.
I was a little bit productive today with crocheting. 
I made this baby while watching my Fav show 
(holla Kenzie
The Biggest Loser!
See ya'll back here for Weigh in Wednesday!
Have a great night:)


AmyLee said...

wow, what an awesome package!! you're a lucky girl :)

Katie said...

i can't wait till this quarter is over so we can do a trade!!

...with ♥, SB said...

OH WOW! the package itself is a gift! She is so talented. That is a perfect hair accesory, and those hand warmers, UH - TOO CUTE! You enjoy!

posidanielle said...

She is so talented, isn't she! I absolutely adore her creations! The headband is so cute!
I loved trading with her it was so much fun! :D

with a chance of said...

how lovely! Chrissy's stuff is so cute!!! <3

Janette said...

dude! your scrubbies are so not boring..you look more put together then when i go to work...i love your bangs too btw! wish i had the face shape for them...but they make my cheeks puff out..like allergic reaction style... Boo!

gracey said...

the hand warmer's really lovely, nice color! :)

ps. and i love your blog wallpaper ;)

~April~ said...

Cute gloves! :) One of these days I'd like to open an etsy shop, so when that day comes I'll definitely hit you up for a trade!!

la petite lydia said...

Those are so cute!

Amylou said...

such cute items! Love the new beanie!

Chrissy said...

You got it...YAY! So glad you like it! Made those items especially for you!
Got your package as well! LOVE everything! Thank you so much! Will blog about it later - need to take cute pics first! xxx

Jamie said...

Cute! I love the Biggest Loser, too!

With Love, Jamie said...

How cute is all your new stuff?! Love it all, great trade, lucky you!!
AND I looove that striped beanie, very cool!

Janna Lynn said...

Oh wow...those things are all awesome!!!! They all look sooooo cute! Enjoy your show, dear! Hearts, janna lynn

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