Monday, February 21, 2011

Things I love/wish I had

I have been doing a lot of online browsing lately and I have found some awesome stuff. I decided to write a blog post on things I love, and things I wish I had.
From head to toe & other things:

If I could have any hair color in the world it would be this
I love love love this color. Ideally I want to dye my hair black or dark brown with some pieces of teal. Maybe next time I do my hair? 
I have also been seeing a lot of Milkmaid braids around blog land and if I had long enough hair I would totally do my hair in them. I think they are so pretty
I have also been really tempted to cut my hair all off lately. If you know me, you know that this is the longest my hair has EVER been. I usually have some sort of asymmetrical bob or other disconnected short hairstyle. I am so torn on the matter, I want to do girly long haired do's but to be honest long hair really is not my style. If I could have any short haircut right now it would be this:
I wish I had a 360 view of it. The other side is just below chin length. I think my face is a little too fat for this hairstyle right now. BUT I totally dig it. This lovely model/I stole the picture from her face book page, is my hairdresser the lovely Sydney of Shep Studio. 
(whom of which happens to be my brother and her hairstylist) haha. Also I envy the Ray Bans she is wearing I want them.
As far as hair accessories go I have been eyeing these for some time:
My favorite shampoo, conditioner & hair products would have to be these:
If you haven't tried Bumble & Bumble products yet, please do. 
It is a miracle in a bottle, and smells delightful!
Now onto the face
As you know, one of the most important make-up essential is a good moisturizer.
My favorite one is:
Seriously it doesn't make your face oily at all, and I swear my face is clearer the next day. 
You can find this at Sephora.
My favorite cosmetic company is MAC I'm a bit partial though. 
I just ordered this new concealer and can I just tell you how much I ♥ it!
It is kind of weird to some people but I actually use it all over my face not just in the "trouble spots"
Sorry If this post is boring you but it's my blog, so deal with it!
We are about 1/2 way done
I have been lusting after these plugs for months now, but I have so many pairs I don't feel like I can fork out the cash right now.

I love wooden plugs, and how cute are the hearts?
Okay so it might not be your idea of "cute" but they are cool right?
OH and I mustn't forget my new shoes!
I love Toms shoes and UPS for delivering on holidays!
They are even in one of my FAVORITE colors.
I LOVE these, and they are lined with purple fuzz how much more awesome could they get!?
I really love these watches, I wear mine everyday!
Also I have another one in a different style that I will be giving away next week. 
Just as soon as a put together a few other things to go with it:)
It makes me so so so happy!
I saw them live in San Francisco in 2008 and it made my teenage life complete, seriously.
Okay I had at least 10 more things to list but I will cut that out, I just have a few more pictures of things that made me laugh/smile today:
Pre yawn
Sam & Osc laying (on the coffee table mind you) in the sun.
I love puppy yawns! ♥
AND last but not least this:
See that??? They spelled my name HAIRY. This restaurant can never get my name right I have seen it spelled like so:
Not once spelled Heidi. For real people?
I hope everyone has a great night!
Sorry for the long post.


Eva said...

love this post! inspired me to do a "favourite things" post as well.
I want Toms. I wonder if they sell them in Canada? Also for the milkbraids, just do it half-up!

blue eyed night owl said...

Hello:) I'm new to your lovely blog, but I have to say I am with you on almost this entire post.

For a long time I've been wanting blue and/or half "shaven" hair. I've had a lot of hairstyles(including the milkmaid braids) in the past few years, but not yet dared to go through with these. Maybe someday though...

The plugs and watch are both amazing!

Hairy?! Oh man that really is a weird one!

Anonymous said...

That hair colour is beautiful. I must admit I had never heard the word raybans before *giggle snort*

Cheryl x

with a chance of said...

i love this post. i've actually had the tips of my hair that teal color before. i loved it! i miss my funky colored hair sometimes ^_^

I always used to have people come into the salon and ask if we had Bummble and Bummble, i'm ganna have to try it!

Fun list!

Delirium said...

I really wish I could pull off short hair. You look really good with short hair. BTW, those and the pomegranate cord TOMS are literally the ONLY ones I like, so maybe I'll get the pomegranate ones, ha ha. I'm still debating on getting some.

Anyways, I'll probably come visit you tonight later, maybe around 8 p.m. unless that's a weird time to show up. I have to drive my car 150 miles tonight so I can have the emissions pass tomorrow (long story) annnnyways, I was planning on just going for a reallllllllllly long drive after Asia goes to bed. And I'm excited to bring you gifts! Sorry I'm the worst giveaway holder EVER. I'm so unorganized. Haha.

I also wish I could pull off headbands like that. I just can't.. I must have a weird shaped head or something.

Paigeepee. said...

i lovey love this post :) and your style is overwhelmingly cute :D but thats how my hair cut is! its buzzed on the side but its a secret he he he i have yet to wear it that way cause it looks goofy on my face :P

but i really really really really really want to try bumble and bumble, i actually heard of them when your brother came and did a talk at my school....i may just get myself some hehe...

dearest heidi your face is not fat at all, you are not fat and you are cute as can be. just so you are aware :)

Gale said...

first off, you're so cool Hairy. i love your posts for real. i can see you pulling off that hair! i love those haircuts too. so funky. also those plugs are sooooo cute made me think about getting my ears stretched for a sec too. how much does it hurt to start? lastly, thanks for the tip on moisturizer! i've been telling myself that i need to stop using this oily body lotion on my face. i may take your advice :D

Amylou said...


What is wrong with the world these days?!

posidanielle said...

Nice to meet you Hairy. haha! I love you and I hate when that happens.
Of course mine has never been that extreme.
I love those plugs! I would totally by them if I had gaged ears. My hole in my ears are too far down on my lobe to have ever gotten them gaged. Plus, it was never really my thing. I have too many friends that have them and I always thought they stunk. But I do admire them.

I want something new done to my hair, if I could get a new style I think I would go with the pixie look, but I think that would be a tad boyish for me.

I think you would look fabulous with that hair style and with the teal. I have been thinking about dying my hair darker and then putting different colors in it.

Have a lovely day friend!!
<3 and I enjoyed reading your wish list.

Gale said...

oh also, radiohead YUM! i need to get that album. i saw them at a summer music fest 2 years ago. zeee best! :D

la petite lydia said...

That hair color is beautiful and fun! I like the idea of the teal streaks. I think that would be uber pretty. I like doing unnatural color streaks. I miss my pink awesomeness.

I love my long hair, but if it is something you don't feel is your style then stick with your style. I love short hair too. Both are fun. If you cut your hair you MUST show photos.

Oh and, can I call you Hairy from now on? No, no. I won't. I promise I won't.

I hate when people mess up my name too. They call me Linda, Lyndia, etc. I can't remember all of them right now. But it is aggravating. So I've gotten to the point where I just spell it out no matter how annoying I am.

~April~ said...

I haven't tried Bumble & Bumble... I wonder if Ulta has it, or do you have to go to certain salons?
That braided headband is sooo cute!! Want one... or five! :)

Janna Lynn said...

Ha ha...I love it! That hair do is almost like mine....:) I love my shaved up side, it keeps me feeling clean cut and comfy in my shortness on one side...but the back and other side are allllll about the party! I love how its growing out...once the side and backs longest layers get to my shoulders I'm going to dye the ends that tealish/blue that I used to have my hair! and me...same wavelength! Love it! Are your tom's comfy...I want some shiny ones..but I was wondering how comfy they are? I heart your favorites big time! Hearts, Janna Lynn

...with ♥, SB said...

What a great list! I ♥ lists. keep sharing, cuz im reading.

...with ♥, SB said...

OH! I almost forgot.. I have a button for you on my "inspire me, blogs"

Because you do inspire me ♥

With Love, Jamie said...

Hey Hairy!! ;) Haha that's a really bad mistake...people are silly!
I looove that watch, it's so cute! And that shampoo/conditioner line is pretty great!

Ashley said...

HI! I am new here, and your blog looks dreamy. :)

I love love love the blue hair...although I don't think I could pull it off. It sure is lovely, though.

& I want some Tom's. Really bad.

bebe bird beck said...

You are so cute!
I love this list of things.
I loveee blue hair and wish I could have it all over too.

those plugs make me wish I'd kept stretching mine out.

I love that radio head cd too. They always make me smile and I was so pleased with this cd!

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