Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Weigh in Wednesday

This week was kind of rough in the weight department.
Hmmm.. Sounds like an ever increasing trend on WIW. 
I promise that these slip ups are just temporary lapses and I will keep on keeping on!
And lets face it, i'm going to eat a freaking box of chocholate covered strawberries on Valentines. Deal with it.
This weeks weigh in was frightening and well, depressing.
I guess the best way to do this is just to "rip off the bandaid" so here goes:
Heidi: GAIN 1.6 (total loss=6.9)-can you say yo-yo?
Aaron: Loss -1.1 (total loss=8.4) hahahahha
Its official, my man is ahead in the race.. BOO
I totally ate better than him this week, not fair!
There is always next week, and there will be a loss I promise!
There have been many a blog post floating around blog land about Zumba for the Wii. (or the latter Zumba kinnect) I am curious if any of my readers have tried this? If so how do you like it? I am seriously considering this purchase.
When Aaron and I got married my aunt and cousins got me a giftcard to Williams & Sonoma. I've been having trouble picking just one thing. I really would LOVE a panini press but then there is the whole no gluten thing.. Hmmm. I mean I guess I could panini gluten free bread, and I could probably use it for other uses too. I have just ALWAYS wanted a panini press though. They just sound cool like ,"oh let me just make you a panini on my panini press." See sounds cool.

On the other hand there is this:

I am not pregnant or even thinking about getting pregnant. But for some reason I really want this baby food processor. It would be an investment, but who knows.. Maybe by the time I have a baby there will be something much better. Ack decisions decisions!
Oscar cracks himself up sometimes.

Well I think I am getting the flu so I am going to call it a night.
Have a great night lovely friends:)


Breeanna @ a brilliant melody said...

It was a rough week for me too. I want to get the Zumba kinect! That sounds really fun!

kenzie said...

ohmygosh im getting sick too. ugh.
and i work all week. i found a long term sub so its always work work work and apparently 7th graders are full of germs and bad attitudes. not. cool.
don't sweat the gain, my little porkchop. it happens. but i'm sure you know that. i felt crappy today and ate everything in the kitchen after i weighed in. i did lose though. but i worked my butt off at the gym. iiiimmm so tiredddddddd...
i miss you. we need to BL chat. how proud of arthur were you?! i almost cried.

ps. im stealing your dog.
that is all.

With Love, Jamie said...

Oh nooo, the flu?! Im sorry, go get started resting!! Wish I could, like, mail you some chicken soup?!? ;)
No worries on the little weight gain, it was Valentine's day!! ;)
I actually did a little jeens shopping on valentin'es day & noticed a little bit more "muffin top" coming out over the top of my jeens than I would like to i'm on a little no-sweets diet over here now too! Yay for being a girl & having to watch our figures! ;)
Hope you feel better soon! xo

AmyLee said...

dude, you just cannot compare yourself to a guy's metabolism. you will get beat every. time. it's not fair... i know. just look at your net loss & keep going!! :)

posidanielle said...

Aw love, I hope you aren't getting the flu! i will definitely be sending healing thoughts your way!

As you know, I have the Zumba for the wii (I started to type wee. hahaha totally reminds me of the pig gieco commercial! I laugh at it everytime.)
And you know I LOVE it. But I must say I think the Zumba for the kinnect would be best, but who has 200$ to blow? Well unless you already have the Kinnect then it would only be $50.
I can honestly say that you won't be disappointed if you get the Zumba game.

hey that baby food processor could make some mean applesauce!! Yum!
I thought that the panini press was a waffle press haha. oops. Either way I think you could do some amazing things with either item.

Yeah, I'm just as indecisive as you are!

Feel better love!

Liz said...

Oh my gosh. What the freakin' heck. I'm getting sick AGAIN, too!!!! How stupid!!

Stop freaking out about the weight. I probably gained an entire leg from the way I've been eating this last week. Life happens. Enjoy it... moderately. Hahaha. Okay I sound dumb.

ANYWAAAY, get the panini press. You can always stomp on the baby food.


...with ♥, SB said...

I do zumba all the time, but not on any gaming system. I think going to a class has such a positive feel and really makes the time fly on by. ♥ but thats my 2 cents. have a wonderful day!

Eva said...

keep on keepin on girl! everyday's a fresh start

Gale said...

i hear ya gwid. jeff totally is shedding the pounds and it shows especially in his belly area! he is much bigger and eats more than me! we work out the same. i am very very happy for him foreal. but can a sistah get some of that too? i know women and men have different bodies and the way we gain or lose weight is also different blah blah blah. hahah so i'll just leave it at that.

oh and i vote panini press!

i hope you fight the flu dear :)

Amylou said...

well it was Valentine's day this week. There is always next week. You are still doing great!

Zumba sounds so much fun! And who doesn't like to work out at home away from the crowds?

I vote Panini press. It does sound so cool!

FLU?! How did I give it to you? This is nuts. Don't let it get to bad girly cause my case was awful. I missed five days of work because they couldn't figure out what it was at first. The flu is nasty this year. Take some vitamin C too! It will help.
Get well soon girl!

Ashley said...

Hope you feel better soon!

When my fiancee and I worked out together to lose weight, he ALWAYS lost more than I did. Every single time. I hated it. Yeah sure, I was happy for him, but it drove me crazy when I ate better/worked out more and he still came out ahead! Grr.

Your dog is adorable!

Chrissy said...

Hope you feel better soon! Getting sick isn't fun!
Zumba sounds like a lot of fun! I'm thinking of getting it for Wii as well!
Don't worry about the weight - you'll lose it again!
Package is on the way! Yay! Have a wonderful day! xxx

la petite lydia said...

Get better lovely! I hope you don't have the flu. But if you do, I hope you get better quickly!

My sis in law is getting Zumba for the Wii, but I've never tried it. I have tried Zumba though and I really really like it.

Ps. Oscar is TOO cute.

Lesley said...

If you want to try Zumba for wii, just rent it from Blockbuster....or whatever video store you rent games from. That's what I did and I totally loved it so I ended up buying it!

~April~ said...

I got a fever two days ago and was worried I was getting the flu too, but I feel better now... I hadn't heard of that Wii Zumba game!! I'll have to check it out. Sounds fun! :)

Janna Lynn said...

I hope you feel up and take meds!! :) I vote for the panini press!! :) Yummm! I think just the fact that your still trying to be healthy is the best thing to come out of your weigh you are succeeding greatly at that! Take Care...and rest up..Hearts, Janna Lynn

Liz said...

OH, and your comment almost made me pee myself. I laughed so freaaaaking hard.

la mì said...

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Paigeepee. said...

i hope you aren't sick :( i'm sorry to hear that! but about the weigh in! don't get discouraged at least your doing it! a little set back only makes you stronger :)

bebe bird beck said...

I'm sorry youre getting sick, sweet girl! No fun.

My momma has a panini press and its amazing. I'm jealous of it. We have a george forman that we use to press our sandwhiches and they are still yummy, just not the same as the panini press. YOu are right, it does sound cool. haha.

You are the sweetest. Thank you for your super nice comments, I've loved all of them so much.
I hope you're having a wonderful night!

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