Friday, February 18, 2011

Packaged Love

Thank you for all of your support with my last post.
I really appreciate all of your support and encouragement.
Seriously everyone is always so kind
Sorry for the lack in posting lately. I have been a little off this week. I ended up feeling crappy Wednesday night so I took some medicine and slept all night. The next morning I was feeling a lot better. I think that I just had a migraine, but my ears where aching I felt feverish, my eyes were burning and my head felt as if it were going to implode
I think I was also just really frustrated with the day. 
First off when I got off work I went to ship a package to the lovely Chrissy. BUT The after hours postage machine was out of order!! So I drove across town to the other post office and guess what?!? The other one was out of order too! Are you kidding me???
BUT don't worry Chrissy I did get it shipped out yesterday!
I think I was just upset because I was a little bit behind on shipping, and it is just lame when things are out of order. You know?
Alright, so when I got home I decided to try and blow off some steam by crocheting. Of course all my yarn is super tangled from my dogs getting into it.. Anyways long story short a beanie that usually takes me 30 min. to crochet took 4 hours. Due to all the untangling I had to do in between stitches. It ended up making me more frustrated than relaxed. boo!
Yesterday was  much better though. 
I got 2 packages in the mail. 
One containing a pair of grey Toms and some MAC make up & The other had two watches. One in my favorite color, the other for a giveaway I will be having on this here blog in the near future.
*stay tuned for that!* 
I love it:)
Packages sure do know how to brighten my day.
Today was kind of laid back. 
I went to work early therefore getting off early, score!
Oh and I decided that I would do an outfit post of my work attire.
Seeing as how the majority of the time this is what I wear.
Cardigan: Urban Outfitters
Scrubs: Cherokee Brand (online?)
Shoes: Toms
So beautiful right? hahahah.. Okay so scrubs are not that stylish. I tried.
OH check out this cute little sticker that came on a package of injections:
Funny right? Why did they put a tuxedo on the penguin? Better yet why does it have a penguin? Okay so I get the penguin living in freezing temps and all. AND I do get the bow tie due to the adorableness. So I guess I do get it? I am confusing myself, don't judge me, I just woke up from a 4 hour nap and I'm a bit delirious.
I didn't get to spend much time with my hubs after work because he had a job interview to go to. 
**cross your fingers**
And then he went to hang out with some friends to work on an IPhone app. They crack me up.. They think they are going to be rich.. LOL.
But we did get a semi non blurry-everyone in the photo- family picture before he left:
Oh Sammie and her closed eyes! Oh well!
It is kind of bad that Aaron is gone because I may or may not have bought this:
and this:
and maybe this:

Okay so I did... And I love Mod Cloth seriously.
I am so excited though! Woo!
OH and last but certainly not least.
Today is  my beautiful little sister in laws 17th birthday.
Happy Birthday Emily!
We Love You!
This picture is a few years old but I think she is so gorgeous, don't you?
Technically for her it isn't her birthday anymore. She lives in Singapore, and unfortunately I have never had the chance to meet her :*( They are a day ahead of us, but it is still her birthday here in the states! 
Hopefully this summer Aaron and I can go out there.
Have a wonderful day lovely readers!


Janna Lynn said...

OOOhhh..I know when your sick everything is a bit challenging. You look adorable at Sammie keepin her eyes closed in the family portrait...and yes...your sister-in-law is beautiful! I love your modcloth finds....swwweeeettttt! I hope you have a fabulous Saturday. Hearts, Janna Lynn

posidanielle said...

You look a lot cuter in scrubs than I ever do. I tend to just put on some nice layering T's instead of a scrub top because I feel like a schlub in those. What do you do at work?

I LOVE that shower curtain!!!! I wish I had a shower rod instead of those door things just for an owl curtain. Oh well that's why I am decorating my kitchen in owls.

I hope you have a gorgeous day lovely!

Chrissy said...

It's her birthday, too??! So is mine!
No worries on the shipping delay...I will be here matter when it arrives...can't wait! Hope you'll get mine soon! Hope you'll like it!
Have a wonderful weekend! xxx

with a chance of said...

i'm glad you're feeling better! that watch is super cute! love the color. the shower curtain is awesome too! i want one but i don't think my husband would go for it lol.

With Love, Jamie said...

Ahh! You bought that shower curtain?! I looked it up after you mentioned it & love it! When we find our new home i'm hoping it has a shower that needs a curtain...then we will have matching ones! ;)
And theeeen we will both have to take road trips to eachothers houses to see eachothers shower curtains...right?!? hehe I think so!
And I looove that top & jacket, so cute!
xo, Jamie

Delirium said...

Okay, I'm the worst giveaway holder ever because I STILL haven't sent out your magnets. But, the reason why is I have TWO other presents for you, and I was debating just bringing it over to your house, is that tacky if I just take it to you? Haha.

I also have a bunch of yarn for you. Some nice, some old school, and some hot pink yarn ;)

I'm glad you didn't end up getting the flu. You seriously need that owl shower curtain.

Paigeepee. said...

HEEEEEEEEEEYYYYY I THINK I SAW YOU TODAY! at first i saw you and though she is familiar looking.....then by the time i got out of the bathroom i realized it was you! lol....well at least i think it was you....were you at target today?!

...with ♥, SB said...

that jacket is so lovely. I probably would have talked myself into buying it too. I hope you have a great weekend. The post of your pup with its eyes closed is adorable!

Breeanna @ a brilliant melody said...

I hate those kind of days where it seems everything is going wrong. But guess what? You never have to live that day again!

That penguin sticker is so cute! Why would it have a tuxedo? You're right! haha!

Hope you get rested this weekend :)

kenzie said...

i love modcloth tooooooo.
i just returned a dress. it looked weird on me. like a wide doll dress. totally unflattering. but on the plus side, i opted for store credit instead of money back. so it feels like i have a gift and i havent really spent any money. ohhh, the things i tell myself.
so now im trying to find something super cute i want. mmmm!

OH. i posted a picture on my post tonight that you must see. i also gave you a shout out because i thought you would appreciate it.

<3 have a good rest of your weekend.

bebe bird beck said...

Grey toms, makeup, and ADORABLE watch! That makes any day better for sure.

You are so cute, lady.

Hope you're having a fantastic Sunday.

Ashley said...

So I love everything you bought and now want to go shopping myself. SO cute! :]

Janette said...

I loveth ModCloth! That black jacket is suh....weet! I have a similar one I bought a while ago...but it's falling apart from may have to upgrade....Maybe. Maybe!

Janette, the Jongleur

Anonymous said...

Hey Heidi! Emily here. :)

Such a wonderful surprise to see my huge-ass photo up on your page with your birthday wish! thanks a bunch! :) I really enjoyed my birthday btw. Anw, I hope that I can go down this Sep to visit Aaron, Amanda and of course my new in-laws :P stephan and you! I would love to meet your family as well. :)

Do continue blogging regularly as I ALWAYS read your space. Your dogs are incredibly cute, I wish I had one :( but Aaron would know our mom wont allow that to happen. *sigh*

Well, you and Aaron take care alright. I love you both and I miss the states. Would love to visit all of you soon. <3


~April~ said...

Oh, I love that shower curtain!! So cute! :) And I can't believe you can crochet a beanie in 30 mins... That makes me vomit. Ok, not really, but it takes me an hour to do two inches on a scarf. I suck, apparently. ;)

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