Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My dogs could care less about the Biggest Loser.

Okay, is anyone else out there a fan of The Biggest Loser?
Well I am, and Tuesday nights are my favorite night of the week due to this. Tonight's episode was epic, I mean can we just talk about Arthur for a minute??
My dogs could care less about the BL.. 
(Especially Oscar he sits there and whines at me the whole time. 
Doesn't he understand that it is BL time??)
So I thought I would try to get some human interaction about tonights episode by taking it to this here blog.
Please feel free to comment :)
Luckily I found a secret weapon to shut the dogs up, while I watched.
My electric blanket, puts em' to sleep and quiets them too.. Unless Sammie get's in Oscar's bubble and then he gets a little grumpy and I have to intervene.
Sammie likes to pretend she didn't do anything when Oscar gets bothered. It is quite entertaining to watch actually. Okay so I didn't have any other post material, so this will have to do! Plus look at these stinking mutts, how could you resist them!
I hope you have a great night! 
See you all tomorrow for the big "after holiday" weigh in
Us on Valentines.. 
P.S. DID I MENTION THAT MY HUSBAND GOT CALLED BACK FOR A JOB INTERVIEW?!? Send us good thought's and hopefully he gets the job! 
**fingers crossed**


Breeanna @ a brilliant melody said...

I love the biggest loser, but I watch it online when I get a chance, since I'm busy doing homework in the evenings.

You're dogs are so cute! That's funny that the electric blanket just puts them to sleep!

Sending good luck vibes for your husband to get the job!

Jazzy E (hivennn) said...

So cute! x hivennn

Amylou said...

I wish we lived closer so our dogs could play together. Yours are precious!

posidanielle said...

Your dogs are so stinking cute!! I love them. They seem so laid back compared to my dog. haha.

I am definitely sending good thoughts and prayers your way. My fingers are crossed that your hubs gets the job!! :D

Gale said...

hey:) sorry i've been a bit absent lately! i'm maybe sorta kinda thinking of taking a little bloggy break for a bit. or just post whenever i have some time. anywaysss....

your valentine's day was so sweet and laid back and romantic. so happy you guys had a good night. those strawberries and pizza looked amazing. i'm craving the strawberries now. and wth was with that kid? LOL. a random child shows up at your booth hahahaha. kinda funny.

is biggest loser motivating? i hear that 'i used to be fat' on mtv is. maybe i should try to watch some to help me out on the diet. dieting is so hard!! and the past two nights of working out, i felt like i was really dizzy and about to pass out. i have a feeling it really is the coffee for some reason.

you've really been motivation for me...just by blogging on your weight loss journey. thanks so much, seriously. and i believe you can do it since you are already on your way! btw, you are gorgeous and i am loving your purple tinted dark hair..SEXY!

to us and everyone else on the fitness trip (those already doing it or thinking about doing it)! spring will be glad we showed up!

Chrissy said...

Aw - they are so cute! How they sleep next to each other - so stinkin' cute!
Have a wonderful day and don't bother too much about the weigh-in! All will be fine!
Hugs xxx

Lillian said...

Your dogs are hilarious! The two of them remind me of the one of mine (I only have one). I love your posts about your funny, silly, lovely pups! Praying that the second interview goes well and he gets called back to start the job real soon. Nosy question? Where is he interviewing?

Janna Lynn said...

Your puppy pups are sooooo adorable...and now I'm thinking I might have to get an electric blanket! Ha ha! ;) I am soooo sending positive vibes you and the hubs way...I hope he gets it for sure!!!! Hearts, Janna Lynn

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