Monday, February 14, 2011

Its Valentines Day not VD

I hope that your day was great.
Filled with the ones you love, whether it be human, animal, or an imaginary friend.
Oh and please don't let me ever catch you calling it
VD. Why?!! Well you know why.
I had a great Valentines with my awesome husband and our two furry kids. 
We were going to go to a really fancy restaurant but turns out our electric bill this month was 421 dollars
Yes I am serious, and yes it is ridiculous.
(turns out space heaters are expensive:S)
So we decided to stay closer to home and try something new.
First off my hubs surprised me with this:
 Yup that's right DDP, Diet Pomegranate 7up & Diet Orange Fanta. Plus a pretty bouquet, and a sweet home made card I love my husband, he knows me so well.

Then we decided to go to the riverwoods to get some chocolate and eat at Malawi pizza. 
They have a gluten free menu, so I actually got to eat pizza for the first time in a long time.

I bet you can't guess which one's mine?
Anyways I have to tell you a story about dinner:
so after we ordered and were waiting for our food, Aaron went to wash his hands.
Randomly some little kid came crawling under our table and then popped up on the other side of our booth.. ugh okay? So this little kid is like facing me at the booth as if he was with us. He then proceeds to try and grab my drink and touch Aaron's pizza. I'm thinking WTH who's kid is this? So anyways finally his dad comes and gets him. Okay.. that was weird. 
Well stories not over.
Aaron came back from the bathroom and we proceed to eat. All the sudden the kid is back this time he starts crawling on top of the booth and there are people sitting right behind where he is sitting. Then two other kids just come over and start chillin' at our booth.. ugh weird? AND THEN the waiter comes over and asks if they are with us.. Of course they are not, so she tries to get him to get down.. Didn't work so well. 5 minutes pass and the kids dad finally come and takes them away.. Seriously some parents drive me crazy and their kids for that matter.
After dinner Aaron and I walked around the Riverwoods. We checked out the new Provo Beach Resort, it looks sort of entertaining. We saw some friends there and chatted for a bit. Then we walked over to a chocolate shop to get a Snicker's Carmel apple for my dad for his birthday, and some white chocolate bones for the pups.
After we left we decided to go to Zupa's and pick up some chocolate covered strawberries.
On our way home we stopped at my parent's house to give my dad his apple and share some of the strawberries. 
My mom and dad gave Aaron and I our marriage certificate framed for Valentines, it was sweet of them:)
Tonight was a great night and I am so glad that I got to spend it with some of the most important people to me. 
When we got home we gave the pups their Valentines Day present. I'm pretty sure they loved it
I love my family ♥
oh p.s. I am real scared for this Weeks Weigh In Wednesday.. 
I might even do a pass week... 
P.S.S sorry about all the photos, run on sentences and grammatical errors. I really don't care;)


Eva said...

how rude of those children's parents!!

posidanielle said...

wow!! I can't believe some parents let their kids act like that. If i was a manager of that restaurant I would have asked them to leave and NEVER come back. That's so insane!

It looks like you had a wonderful Valentine's Day though!!

Much love beautiful!!

with a chance of said...

I can't stand parents sometimes. My daughter is wild and throws 2 year old temper tantrums, yes, but I would never let her crawl all over a booth at a restaurant!!! That's just not right. I wonder sometimes what the heck kid’s parents are doing that is SO important that they can't keep them in check.

Well, other than that, I'm glad to hear you had a lovely Valentine's day!!! Have a great day!

Amylou said...

seriously bad parenting right there. You know your bad when the manager has to go get your kid for you! Can't believe that. I think I might have been yelling at the kids to get away from me. Yuck and on Valentine's! Those people had no shame apparently!

Those strawberries look amazing! That is seriously my favorite dessert in the world. I always ask for them. Your hubby had some awesome treats for you!

Chrissy said...

What a great day! So sweet of him witht he soda (I know those cravings and the flowers)!
And those kids...I can't even find words for that kind of behaviour! Some people really suck! HA
Have a fab day girl!
Hugs xxx

Brett said...

Wow, that is crazy that the parents didn't even care/notice that the kids were missing & bothering people for that long! What in the world were they doing?! The strawberries look so yummy! Sounds like you had a great day!

la petite lydia said...

I completely agree about calling it VD. Really people?

That was so sweet of your husband! I am glad you two had a wonderful Valentines Day. And the gift from your parents is sweeeet!

Also, those kids...oy vey. Not cool. What were their parents thinking?

Paigeepee. said...

what a little punk lol. i would be pissed if some little kid was messing with our food! haha

but completely understand the no grammer thing...i don't care either you can probably tell by my blog!

but thank you for all your sweet comments they make my day every time i read them :) and you and your hubby should have babies i wanna seeeeee them :)

With Love, Jamie said...

I haaate when parents let their kids do that! It's like a pet peeve of mine! I would never let my kid do that, i'm always apologizing if he even bugs anyone while were out!
Besides that weirdness ;) your day seemed wonderful, those strawberries look YUM!
xo, Jamie

AmyLee said...

whoa, that is bad parenting at its finest. or worst.
lol @ VD.

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