Sunday, February 13, 2011

Comfort food=A dieters worst enemy

Okay what is it with me lately?
For some reason I am having trouble with comforting myself with food.
These are so delicious & gluten free (score!) Unfortunately they are not calorie free..bummer.

So as you can see these were my particular "poisons" this evening

Let's be honest, this is an on going problem.
How can it be fixed? 
I have been dieting practically my whole life, and sometimes I just get so burnt out. I just want to be in a healthy weight range. I want to be able to feel comfortable with my midsection. 
I am sick of love handles! And for some reason even when I am losing a pound a week I get discouraged. I start to feel as though I will never hit my goal weight.
Like it is never going to happen. 
(even though I am losing weekly)
So what do I do? Binge eat.
Right now as I sit here typing I feel so discouraged.
I ate junk food to fill some sort of void i've been feeling lately.
I gave in to what is most comfortable.

Seriously, what do I do? How can this be fixed!
On another note I have been seriously considering doing the HCG diet. I know several people who have completed it with awesome (and lasting) results. Some people have problems with gaining it all back and then some after. But I think they're problem is that they never learned how to properly eat. I have that foundation. I know how to be healthy, and how do get in shape.
 The problem is getting motivated to go out and excersize when you feel like the ugliest person in the world. 
Going out in public I feel so uncomfortable.. 
And heaven forbid if I were to see someone I know while out.
I've gained 25 pounds since I have seen most of them.
Has anyone else out there tried the HCG diet? If so, which route did you take? The injection, pill, drops?? How did you like it? 
Okay enough of this droned out depressing post and on to a lighter note!
Friday was my Papa's birthday! He was out of town for the celebration, but I just wanted to do a shout out to him. & thank him for everything he has done for me & my husband. I am so grateful for him. 
Happy Birthday Dad!
Oh and as promised here are some pictures of my new hair!
These pictures don't really make it look all that different but it is darker with a violet tint. 
I am quite pleased with it:)
Oh NO. I just realized that I have to go to Weight Watchers tomorrow. 
I don't think I can handle a weigh in right now. 
I hope everyone has a glorious Monday, filled with love.
Sorry about the gloomy post!


Janette said...

Holy moly Heidi! You are a beauty! Don't forget that... And as long as you are healthy and go about living a healthy lifestyle then that's what it's all about... You are a gorgeous girl.. Seriously! Pretty much 50% of my church has done or is doing the HCG diet... They are pretty happy with the results.. I could totally afford to go on it...but I'm a little apprehensive for many reasons..I don't know if our bodies were meant to lose drastic amounts of weight within a few days... I'm also scared of hormone changes...I'd do some edumucated research, and then decide....Best wishes on your health endeavors friend!
Janette, the Jongleur

With Love, Jamie said...

You look FANTASTIC!! Your hair looks so very pretty!
Don't be too hard on yourself with the weight thing...I honestly don't see you as being a big girl, AT ALL! I understand wanting to loose the pounds to feel better with yourself, but just know, you are BEAUTIFUL!! :)
Seriously. No lie.
Love ya & happy valentine's!!

kenzie said...

first of all, let me tell you that i laughed so hard at your comment. i just had this great image of us sitting as old ladies in the future watching biggest loser. oh gosh. hilarious and DUH it sounds like a plan. come up and visit me! i'm only sticking around alaska for about 8 more months, so come ooonnn!
second of all, i know exactly what you mean about your weight problems. i've been dieting since i was in middle school, i think. which sounds crazy. its so HARD to lose weight. and takes so much dedication and motivation. being home right now and not having much of a life is actually the best thing ever, because all i do is concentrate on my workout and eating habits and its the only way ive ever seen real results. i've read some iffy stuff about the HCG diet. it's basically hormones that trick your body into thinking you're pregnant. so read some stuff on it before you make a decision. okay, this message is creepy long. in closing, DON'T lose motivation! you can do it. i haven't lost anything in the past 2-3 weeks and its super super frustrating, but you just gotta keep on and know that even if you aren't dropping poundage, maybe you're dropping inches. and binges and shitty eating happen, but its okay! tomorrow is another day. and you can always start over. OK. let me step down from my soapbox and tell you that your hair is ADORABLE. seriously. you are just the cutest little thing ever. happy valentines day!!

kenzie said...

longest. comment. ever.

amyschmamey said...

I know that this probably won't matter. But. You are beautiful. And you appear to be slender in your photos! Take heart! You are DEFINITELY not the ugliest cat out there. :) BY FAR.

After reading your thoughts about your weight and body image, I realize, you and I are a lot alike. My biggest struggle is self image.

I haven't heard anything about the HCG diet except that people are doing it. You should google it and see what people are saying.

keep your head up. It will all be ok!

Delirium said...

I've known a lot of people who have used the HCG diet, and they all gained the weight back and then some! I think it's because they're eating 500 or 700 calories a day, which I'm not sure is really healthy under any circumstances. But I've read that a lot of people have also had success, so I'm not sure what kind of advice to give there! I don't really have personal experience.

You look really pretty, I love the dark hair. Don't even worry about the weight thing, you're HOT girl. :)

Happy Valentines Day. <3

Chrissy said...

I know some people who did the diet...very tempting...very unhealthy and dangerous for your body!
I wouldn't do it...I always tell myself, I didn't gain the weight in 2 weeks...
You are on the right path already! And, if you need comfort food (who doesn't) every now and it!
You look great and are such a beautiful person, inside and out, don't be so hard on yourself!
Happy Valentines hun!
Love ya xxx

Eva said...

love your hair! i can see the violet, it's gorgeous.

i've never heard of that diet. i suggest clean eating!

Liz said...

HAHAHA- of COURSE I will be your girl valentine!!! I am so thrilled. Ha

AND you are skinny. And beautiful.

But I do understand the feeling. It's a daily/hourly struggle for me.

Breeanna @ a brilliant melody said...

I also have that struggle with food. So does most of the women in my family. It feels so good just to let go and not care what you eat, but then I feel guilty and ugly when I'm done eating. My daily goal has been 1200 calories. I've read that you shouldn't go much lower than that.

It's going to be a life-long struggle for those of us who deal with this. Just know you have many people here who support you :)

Amylou said...

Love your puple hair! I can see it and it looks amazing! You are a gorgeous girl. Seriously!

I understand what you are going through too. I constantly battle my weight, but as a friend I have to tell you that the HGC diet scares me big time. I had a close friend go through it to get rid of baby weight. She looked so sick the entire time she was on it. I was afraid for her. I just think that it is completely unnatural for our bodies and not healthy. Maybe do your own research though.

Paigeepee. said...

heidi :) i have an on going problem with keeping my weight off too.... its been a rollercoaster my whole life.

and the only thing i can say has worked for me is just thinking about something else then food....yes it sounds stupid but it seems the harder i try to to something and focus i become the opposite...

if i think about how i don't want food i WANT food MORE THEN EVER i turn my attention else where like new quilting projects...a walk... anything other then food...

it really is so hard to do but its all about your mindset and focus :)

you are so freaking cute and i love your new do! :)

renee kristine said...

ive never heard of the hcg diet... but one thing i look into more and more is the blood type diet... it really seems to ring true for me, as much as i wish it didnt.. less cheese, less bread, less meats, booo... but i know it's right.

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