Friday, January 14, 2011

Words I freaking hate!

I can't believe I missed yesterdays post! I am so OCD about posting everyday, and now I feel weird to have a day missing. I was going to write a post about words/phrases that I HATE yesterday. Obviously that didn't happen so I will post it today!
  • moist-worst worst worst! I cringe at this word!
  • yeast-as in yeast infection
  • flesh-just listen to that! BLECK!
  • discharge (bleck!)
  • cottage cheese-when referenced with discharge or fat
  • dawg/dogg-I must confess I do use this sometimes
  • tonsilloliths-has anyone ever had these?? SO GROSS!
  • mucous... uhhhhh gross! 
  • mucous plug... double uhhhhhh gross!
  • bloody show-why must it be called this?
Okay okay, I left my list at home so I can't remember all of them, but gross huh?? What words do you find your self cringing at?? Sorry about the no picture thing, today I am not on my regular computer. I will post another post tonight with pictures! and tomorrow my first giveaway! Have a great day y'all ;)


bebe bird beck said...

haha moist is my least favorite word ever!! I HATE it!! blah. So gross.

I have a whole long list too.
Load and lump are up there on my list.

:: shudder ::

Chrissy said...

Moist - definitely moist! Don't know why, but I hate it as well!!!

I feel the same about missing a post! Happened once and I felt kinda weird! Strange, he?

Happy weekend pretty girl!

Hugs xxx

Eva said...

Haha, love this post!

I also hate the word "sore"

grosses me out...the meaning AND the sound of it.

My favourite word is Salish

Delirium said...

EWWWW. It's pretty obvious you work at a gynecologist's office, HAHA, because a lot of these you don't hear or use unless your pregnant.

But yes, moist, ICK.

Delirium said...

Btw, I kept waiting for the day when you would post in the morning/afternoon time! You always post so late at night!

With Love, Jamie said...

Your funny :) Those are pretty yucky words!!
Oh & you should put some of your wrist cuffs you are making in your Etsy shop, id probably buy one! Im kind of obsessed ;)

Gale said...

hahahhahhahah!! i always hated MOIST. ewwwwww! and the rest are just so disgusting blecckkkkk

la petite lydia said...

I hate most of those words too! I also hate the word when I am sick and people saying "get your fluids" I gag a little.

Gag is also a least favorite word of mine.

david and christina said...

i love how most of them have to do with where you work! ahahahahah

amylou said...

stock - I dislike this word because it sounds like a stalker! So it is a creepy word by association.

That whole list is really bad. I don't like any of them. YUCK!

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