Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Weigh-in Wednesday

I did pretty well all week long as far as eating goes. I went back to my weight watchers meetings on Monday, and signed up for WW online. I wasn't 100% perfect, but I am still getting into the swing of things:) I didn't eat even one piece of candy this week! HUGE GOAL! Okay so here is my progress(what little there is) this week. 
Heidi-Week 1: 0.8lbs lost (are you KIDDING ME??)
Aaron-Week 1: 1.6lbs lost.. an even bigger ARE YOU KIDDING ME??
You see I ate almost perfect this week, and Aaron well not 100% but pretty good... but I did see him eating 2 pieces of pie with his dinner the other night. hehe. How is this fair that he hardly tries and still loses more weight than me? 
Oh well there is always next week right!? Anyone who wants to join in please do, I could use all the support I can get! Maybe when I hit my goal weight I will post my starting weight...maybe.
Thank you so much for all of your kind words regarding my zit/emotional/heating problems as of lately. So the repairman ended up not coming today:( Hopefully  he will make it by the weekend when I will be spending most of my days at home. I am still really down today, I kept crying over nothing. My friend/gyno told me she thinks that my BCP's are responsible. So hopefully next month I will switch and be on my way to brighter days:) My zits are worse, but my scowl is a good cover up for them:) I hope everyone is having a great day! Thanks again for your kind, kind words.
Sammie and I huddled next to the space heater.

P.S. Due to some unexpected delays the give away most likely wont be posted until Saturday. BUT it will still be happening!:) 


Delirium said...

I am excited for your giveaway! Yeah, birth control pills do crazy things. I swear I'm a completely different person thanks to my IUD. And not in a good way..

Anyways, feel better! You'll have to facebook message me after Feb. 6th to get a hold of me, but COME ON. Do we ever hang out?! NO. Should we, though? YES. Seriously. We should.


kenzie said...

oh, a loss is always better than a gain, my friend. good job! keep on keepin' on!

Chrissy said...

It's a start! And men always lose it faster than we do! I lost 6,5 lbs. and the hubby lost 9 lbs....well, that's just the way it is...unfair!

Happy Thursday!

Hello Again Vintage said...

I agree with Kenzie, losing is definitely better than gaining. You're on your way, girl! :)

- Grace

P.S. Cute new updated button! I just added it to my blog.

la petite lydia said...

Hi hi. Saw your comment! I thought you were following me too. Weeeird! Haha

Hope you have a great day!

amyschmamey said...

Sucky that you didn't get your heat fixed. Sucky that you are still down. :( And it is so stinking unfair that men lose weight easier than women. BAH! You can do it though. I am wanting to lose 15 lbs before the year is up. WE will see. :)

Eva said...

men ALWAYS lose more and faster than women. us ladies like to hold on to our mushy bits it seems!

Gale said...

that first photo of you Heidi is hilarious! i really love it for this post. you're so awesome and real..keep on being you!

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