Friday, January 14, 2011

Crochet L♥ve **** massive picture dump****

First off: everyone should grab my new button on the side bar ;)
Today was a slightly better day! Thank you all for your support:)Work seemed endless but eventually I got off. I went home, got some orders from my shop ready for shipping and then crocheted until right now. I also hit the mother load,{my apologies to bebe bird beck for saying load ;)} P.S. if you don't know what i'm talking about read the post below! Anyways as I was saying about hitting the mother loa* I went to my parents house, and my mom had found a stash of yarn and crochet hooks. TONS of them, so she let me have them... uhhhhh best mom ever?? I think so.
And this wasn't even the half of it! (oh and I know you shouldn't use "and" & "but" to start a sentence, but I do so get over it!) So much yarn, holy smokes! Anyways.. There were several shades of baby blue, which isn't my most favorite color but....I am getting a baby nephew in June and I needed to practice my crocheting of beanies. So I decided to crochet the little man a tuque. 
 Hopefully it fits the little guy : ) haha yeah right, like he will actually wear it. It was good practice though, and it came together fairly quickly. surprisingly.

Blogger is being retarded and downloading these upward instead of sideways which is what they are on my comp... WTF. Seriously blogger, quit being such a turd(another word I HATE!)  
never mind I got it to work, yay me! Anyways.. Now I will just dump a bunch of pictures on you of crocheted items I made today.. Okay so like one item.
 Whooo hoo it actually uploaded the on the right side!! haha I love this (insert word I can't think of here) oh man it's too late for my brain I can't for the life of me think what the circle scarf I made is called.. OH YES "scowl" Intended it for scarf ended up having not enough yarn/being too lazy to go buy more.. SO I decided to turn it into a cowl.. Go me!
 New hat, I still cant figure out how in the world to not get the stupid rippling effect!!!! UGH! Someone help :( Amy Schmamey perhaps?? You make aweeeesome crocheted hats! (it is crochet you do right??)
Top view, all ripply.. But I still love the hat, it's super comfy too!
More views, please excuse my acne.. When I went to say the last sentence I typed, "please excuse my dear and sally!" WTF I am totally on weird tangents today! Does anyone remember that phrase?? OR also said PEMDAS for math?? HAHAHAHHA.. I think my brain is too tired right now so I bid you all
adieu dear friends have a great night! See you all back here tomorrow for my awesome giveaway! ;)


With Love, Jamie said...

I have no idea how to crochet...but I am really obsessed with crochet everything at the moment!! Cute items & yay for scoring tons of supplies!

Shandi said...

I LOVE the color of that hat!!!!
And I totally want to make myself a "scowl" now that I've seen all of yours!
Guess I know what I'll be doing at work tomorrow! :)

Also, LUCKY!!!!! on the total yarn and crochet hook score! My grandma offered to give me hers once when I went to St. Geezy... But they were the TINIEST hooks I'd ever seen. And only shades of white yarn. (She had a thing for doilies(sp?) in her crochetin hay-day!)

Wow. Long comment?
You're cute! I can't wait for crochet party!

Niko Bulaun said...

i find your works fashionable :) keep doing it :)


Gale said...

you are so HILARIOUS especially when tired LOL. i loove the tangents. please keep putting them in! hahah. the whole time i'm reading, i'm saying to the audience, 'are you reading what i'm reading?!'

and those hats are awesome! will they be in your shop soon? and also, i use 'and' and 'but' to begin a sentence only on blogger. so go us.

i'll be back later for your giveaway ;)

la petite lydia said...

That is so cool about finding all of that yarn. Woo! I can't crochet at ALL, but you're pretty good at it!

Janna Lynn said...

Wowsie! Your an awesome crocheter! Or as Twinkie Chan would tight hooker..hee hee! :) Your gonna love my new headband I made :)...weenie dog love! I am also into posting pic's despite my blaring acne. Who cares..right! You look awesome, and I wouldn't have noticed your tiny blemishes if you hadn't said something about it, so never worry..Sweet Heidi! Hearts, Janna Lynn

Isabella Kiss said...

nice yarn! my gma just gave be a big white trash bag full. i got SO excited!

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