Friday, January 7, 2011


I have had the worst migraine since Monday night, just when I think it is getting better it flairs up again! Sorry for my absence so much this week, I swear I will be a better blogging next week. Especially when I can see out of my right eyeball again.
This is actually a fairly accurate depiction of how I am feeling right now. 
I miss all of you in the blogoverse! BUT next week sometime I will be having my first giveaway {for reaching 50 followers!} & I can't wait! So stay tuned, I promise my blog is not going to suck for much longer. ;)


Nikolo Bulaun said...

take good extra care of yourself! hehe blogging is now a big part of our life! :)

following you now! hope you follow me too :)


wichser studio said...

aww jeff gets migraines often and he tells me he feels like that painting you posted up there. i hope you feel better soon! and for the record, your posts never suck! i really enjoy stopping in :)

thanks for your sweet comments all the time in my blog.

can't wait to enter your giveaway! congrats on 50 followers!!

Janna Lynn said...

You poor sweet girl...I am sooo sorry! I suffer from migraines too! I hate the eye thing, or when even the dark cannot help. I had a migraine for a month...then they put me on prozac, because it alters the seratonin levels in the brain and can help fight migraines. I only get them if I forget to take the crazy pill. I hope you feel better very soon! Hearts, Janna Lynn

Chrissy said...

Oh no, I really hope you feel better soon! I know how you feel...sitting here with a major headache right this moment! Think I;m coming down with something...ugh..
Happy Weekend!
Hugs xxx

With Love, Jamie said...

I HATE migraines!! Im so sorry, hope your feeling better :)

Jazzie said...

cute blog!
hope you feel better.
xxo, Jazzie

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