Saturday, January 8, 2011

Bow Obsessed.

First off, I want to thank all of you for your kind words and advice. Today I am feeling much better, it is crazy how sore my head is right now though! (but so glad it is not a migraine anymore!)
Today was pretty lo key. I basically spent the whole day crocheting, I have been obsessed! Especially with making bows, there is just something about bows lately that make me giddy.
 I made pretty much made every girl in my family a headband tonight. They are my testers for all of my etsy shop products. I still haven't put these up on my shop, but by next week I am going to have a bunch of new products:)
Sorry the quality is so poor! These are my nieces with my mom and little sister
Today was not the best day for my diet.. Lets just say I really wanted some candy cane cocoa with whip cream!:s MmmmMmmm it was really delicious but come Monday I am going to start going to my WW meetings.. BOOO. But I hear that they have a new program which I am eager to learn more about.
  I am also really into crocheting wristbands, with buttons on them. 
I found this awesome bag of reject buttons at Archivers. Some of them have 1,3, or even five holes! haha.
 I hope that everyone is having a great weekend! 


Hello Again Vintage said...

I'm so glad to hear you're feeling a bit better! Those are some super pretty hair goodies you made! I can't wait 'till you put them up on your etsy shop. I think my goddaughter would love it. She's obsessed with hair accessories.

Chrissy said...

Good to hear you're feeling better!
Cute headbands!!

bebe bird beck said...

Your bows and headbands are soooo cute. Love them!

With Love, Jamie said...

Love your bows!!
& your crochet bracelets, I love mine :)

amylou said...

so so cute! What a score on those buttons! I think a button headband would be totally cute too!
You are so talented dear!

Lizard said...

1. I hate migraines; I've gotten them since I was seven.
2. I love the wristbands!!
3. I also love your layout.
4. Good luck with Weight Watchers! I'm on a "diet," of sorts too, and it takes so much discipline.. But so far, so good!

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