Thursday, January 6, 2011

92nd Birthday Celebration

Today was an awesome day, well after I got off of work at least. I went to Heindselmans and got some yarn for the new stuff I've been making. I am really falling in love with crocheting lately. I love how you can be doing it while watching t.v, it makes watching netflix constantly seem productive! :) 
    Crocheting is an interesting topic, but today I wanted to dedicate this post to my sweet Grandmother Sarah Rowayne Wolsey. 
She celebrated her 92nd birthday today! We were fortunate enough to get to spend it with her. She lives in Canada with my Aunt's family, but my dad decided to bring her here for a few weeks. It is hard to see what she has to go through on a day to day basis. Even though she can't always communicate with us the way she wants too I know that she felt our great love for her. My parents hosted a party tonight, where many of my aunts, uncles and cousins were in attendance. We mostly just ate and talked, but it was good to be in the company of this magnificent women. 92 years, that is quite the accomplishment. My little sister decided to make my grandma a birthday cake.... 92 lit candles later and well lets just say, there was more wax than cake!! AND.. maybe a small bonfire, it made the smoke detector go off! haha

 { I heard it was delicious.. too bad it wasn't gluten free:(} I hope everyone had a great night! I know I did.
yeah that pink puddle in the middle would be melted wax!!
Happy Birthday Grandma!
We &heats; you!


Shandi said...

How fun!
We should have a crochet party. Crochet and watch movies. Wonderful! :)

Birthdays for older Grandparents are great! We recently celebrated my Great Grandma's 95th (!!!) bday. It's amazing to see her still up and about and pretty much still doing everything on her own. Sounds like you had a great time!

amylou said...

WOW! How did they eat it? It looks like it was all wax! Happy birthday to your grandmother!

p.s. you are totally aweosme for noticing that I chose Harry Potter first! I'm just hoping I can finish them all before the last movie.
So far I'm loving the subtle humor in the book. Found myself laughing out loud at how well they cast Hagrid!

Chrissy said...

Wow - Happy Birthday to your cute Grandma!

Love the crocheted headbands - I'm assuming you made them!?

Happy Weekend!

Rylie Renee said...

I like your blog. :) so cute!
-Rylie from

Brett said...

Happy birthday to Grandma Wolsey!
I love Ang's cake, it looks so pretty, melted wax and all. Good work.
I love your headbands too :)

Thomalee said...

I love the pictures of Grandma...she looks delighted! I'm sad we missed out on the party.

wichser studio said...

happy birthday to your grandma! she is the most adorablest!! 92 years wow i am so impressed and enamored, and inspired to learn the secrets of keeping youth.

i love the visual of the wax cake haha. im sure that didn't stop the cake eating...when there's cake involved, there's always a way!

so happy to see you had a great time!

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