Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Matching Master.

I spent all day yesterday crocheting.
So naturally when trying to fall asleep, all I could think about was crocheting. Loop, after loop after loop. I need to stop crafting right before bed, I get SO excited about new ideas. That when I try to fall asleep my mind is racing with all the possibilities.. I spent all night long tossing and turning thinking about new ideas for my etsy shop.Plus I had one wicked case of heartburn which required many trips to the medicine cabinet for rolaids..BUT alas I came up with an idea by morning time. 
I decided to make a crocheted button bracelet. The first one well lets just say was a little small.
Yes ladies, that is my little teeny tiny bracelet that I somehow thought was going to fit me.. HA.
Round two turned out to fit perfectly!
Don't look too closely, the stitches are not the best. I love it though, and I am excited to start making different variations. & improving my crocheting abilities. I want to learn how to make gloves too! If anyone out there has any type of tips for a first timer I would love to hear! (
Now we have matching bracelets.. Yeah I am that cool.
Have a great night, and thanks for reading my blog!


Sylvia said...

ha! that is soo cool! matching bracelets, i love it :))
i really should get started with crochet... a bracelet should be do-able?! thanks for sharing.

btw, you can win an animated button for your blog on our blog - go check it out!

have a great day!

Chrissy said...

What a great idea for your shop! Very cute the matching bracelets!! And I love the color!
I am more of a knitter...working on some knitted items for my shop...but I think with a little more practise they will be perfect in no time!!!
Have a great day friend!!

P.S. Thanks for your sweet words about the cable hat for Leonie!

amylou said...

you are awesome! That puppy bracelet is the cutest.
They both are! I want one!

Oh thank for commenting on my hair. It's natural and has been for like five years! I have the urge to dye it a lot, but Steven just loves my natural color!

Size 10 too? crazyiness! I have the hardest time finding cute shoes. It seems the good ones get picked over! Do you have this problem?

"grandpup" It's just so cute! I love that my parents love our dog. It wouldn't be fun if they didn't.
Puppies really are the best!

I LOVE long comments! Thanks for leaving one.

The Hunger Games is crazy! It's about a futuristic time where America no longer exists. No there is a new country run by a dictator. To keep the people in check they send 24 young kids to a competition every year where it is a fight to the death! the worst part. It is televised across the country. Just like reality tv. I love the plot and you fall in love with the characters. It keeps me on edge!
What do you think? Sound like something you might like to read?

haha now whoose leaving long comments?!?! LOL

With Love, Jamie said...

You are too cute :) Love your bracelet idea! I get crazy-inspired right at bedtime too!! I sometimes actually have to get out of bed, go in the other room so I don't wake my husband and write like a crazy person all my ideas down!
It's crazy ;)
I recommend maybe a notebook/journal & a flashlight right next to your bed??
xo, Jamie

Shandi said...

soooo cute Heidi!

bebe bird beck said...

Love this bracelet.
You are too cute!

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