Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I suck at crocheting.

So my right ring finger has gone numb and all tingly since last night... No big deal right? Right.. The only problem is, it is progressively moving down.. Aaron thinks I have diabetes, he is cute but I doubt that's the cause. Maybe it is because I crochet too much today?? Anyways.. Read this post!
I Suck At Crocheting
This past week I have decided that I am going to crochet a hat! I have never really been good at crocheting/knitting so I thought it would be a fun challenge. Somewhere in the process of ( I'd say about half way through my makeshift crocheting pattern) I decided I had drank too much diet Dr. Pepper/Coke and that my bladder was in need of some relief.
Upon return to my crocheting post I discovered that the pups had gotten to my yarn and had pulled out the stitches almost all the way! Bummer.. Oh well. Upon further investigation though, I realized that the hat had somehow gotten twisted so it wouldn't have worked anyways. At least the pups got to have fun playing with yarn right? ;) I couldn't be too mad at them, they looked so cute amongst the heaps of teal colored yarn. I wish I'd taken a picture... Anyways, after that failed first attempt (which was really my 4th on that hat) I decided to make a scarf instead.... That didn't work out so hot either... It ended up looking like this:
Mind you this was after 4 hours of crocheting (while watching bones, so I may or may not have been giving it my 100% attention)  Bahahahah. So I decided to stop there, cut the yarn and try to figure out a use for it.. THEN I decided I why try to make a crocheted bracelet with a cute mustard yellow button, yeah that didn't work either.. I still would love to make a hat with an actual pattern. Does anyone have any tips?? OH and btw one of my FAVORITE bloggers Amy Schmamey featured my little ol' blog on her blog today. I think I even gained another follower from her! Woot woot! Everyone go check it out, and if you aren't already a follower and you read my blog.... You should ugh... click the follow button on the right sidebar;) 
Hope everyone had a fabulous day!
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P.S.S thanks to all of those who have used it! I feel so good when someone is a follower of this here blog AND supports my little shop :)


wichser studio said...

hii! i wanted to just say that i received my special little package from you! oh it was perfect. you're owl making skills are impeccable!! and i saw your new ones missy...ur soo great at them :)

thank you for my little sock too with my name on it. it was such a happy surprise and i love the touch of vintage green lace and button..so awesome!

i plan on putting it up on my blog to show our fellow bloggers, but im just waiting for my little friend, maddie, to get her surprise in the mail today. i'll have her mama take a picture of her with the owl and post that up too!

have a great day and keep knitting/crocheting!


Amyschmamey said...

ha ha ha. I remember my first venture into making a scarf. It looked very similar to this... ha ha ha. Found out that the trick is to chain one THEN start your next row. ha. :) I am pretty sure you can find a use for it. It's a pretty color and your stitches are nice and tight! ha. :) I'm not laughing at you I promise! I just completely identify with this! And super glad that you have gained a couple followers! Your blog is cute! :) Worthy of more followers. Hopefully you don't hate me for laughing about your crochet piece. I promise I am more laughing at the memories it brings up of my misadventures in crocheting. :)

amylou said...

Yay! We were both featured! How fun!

Good luck with crocheting. It looks so hard, but I want to try too someday!

Lillian said...

I found your blog through Amyschmamey's blog feature (I'm featured too =>)

I could never get the hang of crocheting! You're worlds ahead of me. Have fun and keep working at it, it looks like you're getting it.
♥ ♥

Shandi said...

If you look at the blogs I follow there's a crocheting one. Art of Crochet by Teresa. She has lots of patterns and links to videos on youtube for different crochet projects! It's great!

Let's have a crochet party!

Emily B said...

I love to crochet! I've been making this blanket for forever (I crochet sporadically...) but I gave up recently because it wasn't even at all. Mostly because I used this big, fluffy yarn and couldn't really see the stitching anymore. However, I enjoy crocheting. Knitting, on the other hand... I've been making a scarf for my dad for the past two years and it's nowhere close to done. Think I'm gonna give up and crochet a hat/scarf combo instead, lol.
It gets easier the more you do it, love the bracelets!

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