Friday, December 17, 2010

Up in flames.

Yesterday was quite the eventful day, full of surprises. When I got home from work these beauts were waiting for me in the mailbox:
Sorry for the blurry images, sometimes I pick the wrong thumbnail..... WHOOPS.
I can hardly wait to open them and play around. Seriously I have been wanting these cartridges for months. BUT 60 bucks a piece was a little steep for me. UNTIL I got an email telling me that was having a huge sale!!! I got both of these and some little containers for 30 bucks, yahoo!
Later that night, I had my big work party. I love working for the Drs. that I do. Every year at Christmas time we have a huge gathering of all the employees and their spouses/dates/+1's
there is always spectacular catered food, and sometimes mediocre entertainment. ;) haha. This year the entertainment was pretty entertaining though. But who cares about food and entertainment when there are gifts involved though am I right?? Every year we get a surprise gift, which is awesome! This year for the gift we got:

I haven't quite figured out how to use it yet. I did buy one book though "the hunger games" it better be good Amy Lou Who!! ;) haha..  I can't wait to read it
 The receptionists minus Christina (boooo Brittany, we are going to miss you girl!) If you notice everyone is looking at a different camera then me apparently, lol. I am such a space sometimes.
All of the docs.. Sorry again for another blurry picture.

To top off a great night I came home to this:
He loves to snuggle under his blankets in his cage ♥
I hope everyone had a fantastic week, and is ready for Christmas..
I know I haven't bought one gift yet, so I am going to be buuuuussssyyYY!
1 more thing, I am sad to announce that a historic building in my city was burned to the ground last night, and to my knowledge last was still in flames ;( sad. 
Oh well!


With Love, Jamie said...

You look pretty in that photo :)
& your pup looks so cozy!!
Your package is going out tomorrow morning too, so no worries! :)
xo, Jamie

Delirium said...

Awesome, you got a Kindle!!! I've been wanting one for so long, those aren't cheap! What an awesome thing to win.

Sorry I've been slacking on the commenting/blog reading. I will explain in my post later on today.

Chrissy said...

Aww, your puppy looks so cute!!

gracey said...

whoah! kindle for christmas! <3 lucky girl!

happy holidays to you and your puppy (what's his name?)! :)

ps. sorry to hear about the flames.

Lillian said...

I love your puppy's face. My puppy (she's five) loves to cuddle under blankets!

amylou said...

HAHA! Of course it's good!! Why would I lie to you?

I can't believe they gave you a Kindle! I'm so jealous.
All we got from our bosses this year was wine and fancy food!
(well I did get a bonus though. guess I could have bought a kindle)
Congrats on your sweet gift!

You better tell me about the Hunger Games! We can have book discussion now! YAY!

Amyschmamey said...

Wow! What a present! I hope you enjoy it! Read lots of wonderful books! Love the pictures. Even the blurry ones. :)

devin and chianne said...

I love the little pink deer on the first cartridge. adorable!!
And Oscar is cute as always. :D

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