Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Happy Birthday Husband!

this post contains an overload of photos, proceed with caution!

Yesterday was my fabulous husbands 24th birthday.
To celebrate he opened presents, we ate at Texas Roadhouse, and went to HP 7.
I was so anxious the night before, to give Aaron his birthday presents that I could not sleep.
It was so cute when he was opening his presents the dogs were sniffing and pushing them around. They get so intrigued with things that are wrapped up. I can't wait until they get to open up their own Christmas presents! ♥
Every year I put Aaron's presents under the Christmas tree. If you notice Sammie is hiding behind the presents. hehe
The Cute birthday boy, excited to open presents.
SO about this present. I bought COD black ops on for Aaron like 3 weeks ago. I decided to open it up the night before his birthday so I could wrap it. HA! Turns out they had sent me COD black ops for wii and not xbox. lame. So I had to get the courage up and go out to the store to hurry and get the right one. BIG FEAT.
Good thing i made the effort he LOVE's it. haha
 I decided that I would actually put on some make-up for our birthday date. (it's been awhile on both counts) I didn't order much at dinner due to the lack of gluten free menu items.  BUT I did get a diet coke and practically ate the WHOLE bucket of peanuts. I ♥ peanuts.

OH. Can we just talk about Harry Potter for a second? AND how I bawled when (SPOILER ALERT DO NOT READ THE REST IF YOU HAVE NOT SEEN/READ HARRY POTTER 7) Dobby died! OMG my heart melted. I remember when I read the book I sat their and BAWLED! & can we talk about how that movie gives me the chills?! So good, I wish I was a wizard.. As a kid I awaited my arrival of my Hogwarts letter, but alas one never came. Everyone go see Harry Potter NOW! Do it!
On to another subject now.
As of late Sammie and Oscar have discovered the heat vents. 
If I can't find them I just have to go into the living room and there they are.. (sorry for the glowing eyes)
Today I got the dogs both groomed & dressed. They smell like sugar cookies and their coats are so shiny. I love my pets more than life I think. Everyone should have a dog, if Aaron would let me I would own every homeless dog on the planet pretty much. 
Sammie showing off her pretty coat!

OH and everyone who lives in Utah should go to the Beehive Bazaar this weekend!
It is like a real life etsy, and it is magical. DO IT.

Happy Birthday to the world's best husband!!


Bonnie Heather said...

Aaron and Caiti have the same birthday, ha ha!

Seems like the most amazing day ever. Your dogs seriously are the cutest and I want to meet them.

Btw, yes, Heidi lives in Spanish fork like one block away from the Festival of Lights.

Where do YOU live? I just assumed you live in Provo!

amylou said...

I'm sure I will be buying video games soon too! My husband is an addict, but we only have PS3.

And yes we can talk about that!
I AM STILL SO SAD! I keep talking with the hubs saying, "no he can't die." (Keep in mind that I saw it on Sunday. I'm still so wrapped up in what happened.)

Your puppies are seriously the cutest! I love the pic where they are staying warm.
I know what you mean. Sometimes I'm not sure if I could love Lily more than I do!

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