Thursday, December 2, 2010

Dear Santa,

Since every one else appears to be doing it, I thought that I would too! This year my wish list is pretty unrealistic, expensive, and pretty much I would be in heaven to get even one thing from my list. I hope that Santa reads blogs ;)

1. I am in love with this perfume, it is absolutely delicious. I usually wear MAC turquatic perfume which I love, but this perfume makes me feel pretty & expensive!

2. Okay so i have been one of those to make fun of those who where these. BUT they have grown on me over the years & have you ever tried them on?? So warm comfy, no wonder some people wear them year round. The last few years they have come out with ones with buttons, if you know anything about me you know that I love buttons. like I cry over them love. 
3. I really want a brand new hat, I love everything from this etsy shop. I especially love this slouchy hat and it is even in my most favourite color! This adorable seller also makes hats for dogs, which I want to get them for Christmas as well! She also has an adorable blog full of beautiful pictures and inspirational words as well as her knitwear. You can read her blog here.
4. I really want a printer, I already have a printer but alas it is not working! This printer is so awesome it has wifi & blu tooth connectivity. Basically I am in love, I would really appreciate any color photo printer/scanner even a cheaper version. (*cough*Santa*cough*)

5. In commemoration of the recent Harry Potter 7 movie and my ever growing love for the series Dear Santa: please get me one of these awesome necklaces! I am a big fan of this etsy shop, I love all the steam punk necklaces as well as owl pocket watches and HP7 accessories.
6. I have been in love with toms shoes & their selection of purple shoes! ♥ I would also be happy with the grey or black pair Dear Santa. Oh BTW Santa, if you buy me some Toms you will be giving a little child in Africa a free pair of shoes. See Santa its like a double gift if you give them to me, you won't be sorry. P.S. I wear a size 9.5 in women's.

Okay Santa, these are all of the things I can think of for right now. I also don't feel like searching the Internet for the other items. If you want you could also throw in:
A warm coat
A hooded jacket or two
Maybe a striped shirt or two
A pair of black skinny jeans 
Maybe help me lose 30 pounds?
Some yummy peppermint lotion
An i tunes gift card
some underwear?

Okay. I think that about covers it. Now you are probably thinking I am a brat for listing so many expensive items Santa but I am not asking for all of these things. Okay it would be awesome, but I would be happy with even one of them.

What do want for Christmas? Have you done anything to get on the naughty list?? Or especially nice list? I'm greedy. I know.


Delirium said...

OMG I LOVE TOMS. And I've been wanting some for SOOOOOOOO long. I also love that purple hat! Hmm, yeah I like pretty much everything on your list. Haha.

with a chance of said...

I love your list! I SOOOOOOO want a pair of TOMS from Santa too! they look sooo comfy and they are for a good cause right? ^_^ here's hoping for both of us!

Chrissy said...

Great wishlist...I'll take one of everything as well...hahaha...
Have a wonderful weekend with your cute family!!

Shandi said...

oh my gosh!! I love that harry potter necklace! it's so cute!

Good list!

david and christina said...

hey i just found that perfume and love it- can't wait to open in on christmas!

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