Monday, November 29, 2010

Tag! You're it.

I've been tagged by A night like this to share 7 secrets. I am pretty sure I have shared probably more secrets with this blog than it ever wanted to know! OH well, here goes nothin:

1. I secretly love Lil' Wayne-Don't judge! he is a serious thug.
2. I hate eyebrow piercings. sorry, they are hideous. I just don't understand them at all, I don't mind any other body piercing. Something about an eyebrow piercing screams "trailer park" to me. Seriously, take it out and pierce your nose.
3. I seriously wish that I was Lady Gaga. There is something about her that makes me giddy.
4. I am the Christmas QUEEN. Born in December, middle named NOEL. You won't find a girl more in love with Christmas than I am. Seriously, it's in my blood.
5. I feel as though my dogs are my children. I have so much love for them and they are the most loyal and loving pets a girl could ever wish for. They make me smile each day, I owe a lot of my happiness to them. (sorry if your not a pet person... deal with it)
6. I want to lose 30 pounds by my 1 year wedding anniversary. I have gained 16 pounds since I have been married, it is so sad!! BUT after reading this I have a new outlook on starting my diet again. I CAN DO IT! I WILL DO IT. 
7. I hate being in public places. Like really hate it, you have no idea!

I'm sorry to disappoint in the 7 juicy secrets department, my brain is not quite working today. I honestly can't think of anything exciting. 


This week is BIRTHDAY week!! Tomorrow is my husbands 24th birthday! I don't know if I will get a chance to blog tomorrow, but I promise I will have lots of pictures and stories to tell on Wednesday:) I am SO excited for birthday week, tomorrow Aaron and I are going to HARRY POTTER IN IMAX AND 3D! Heck yeah, I am SO excited I LOVE HP! Happy Birthday tomorrow husband I LOVE YOU!

I tag:
Abraham Family
Musing Madsens
Shandi Pants!
Team Brimhall

Lets see if any of them actually follow through! ;)
BY THE WAY, I'VE MADE 5 MORE SALES THIS WEEK! Check out my etsy shop!


Bonnie Heather said...

Hahahah! You are way too cool for me, omg. Let's never hang out, you'll just think I am the most ridiculously boring person ever. Also, uh, you are GORGEOUS!

Have a blast tomorrow! You BETTER post pictures!

Bonnie Heather said...

Also I am SO freaking excited for my magnets. I finally broke down and bought something. I've been eyeing those vintage pattern magnets too.. hmm.................

YAY! Awaiting packages is so exciting!

Bonnie Heather said...

And something ELSE (wayyy too much commenting going on here) LETS BE DIET BUDDIES. Because I started today. I want to lose 30 pounds too WE CAN DO IT!

K no more comments I promise. :)

Gwiddle said...


Okay I am embaressed of the magnets and the fact that I can't spell embaressed?? embarressed? UGH i suck..
& there is NO way you need to lose 30 pounds! We can still be diet buddies though :) we can talk about our diets on Friday.. ALSO i ate so healthy all day UNTIL Aaron had to offer me his left over fries.. dang.

kenzie said...

HAHA. the eyebrow piercing secret made me giggle out loud. i completely agree! ew ew ew!
great photos!

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