Friday, December 3, 2010


So all those Utahn's out there be sure to check out the beehive bazaar! The last day is tomorrow, check it you won't be sorry.
I went last night with Tracy and her friend Shannon. Luckily I had fallen asleep right after work for FOUR hours. So I was alert enough to go at 10 pm. They had lots of cute things, I got a lot of good ideas for my etsy shop. I also got my cute new headband there, If you know anything about me you will know: I am obsessed with all things striped.
I also got these fun little magnets, they look better in person. 
Due to said four hour nap I was unable to sleep last night. SO what do I do?? Drink four drinks at work, pathetic I know! That is why I decided to take a picture of the phenomenon. My bladder did not like me very much afterwards, the things we do to stay awake.. 
Amanda and I both opened today at work so we got off early together. Luckily Amanda is into spontaneous warehouse shopping adventures, because American Crafts was having a magnificent sale!
I got like 16 Spools of ribbon, 6 packs of rub on transfers, 6 packs of CUTE stickers, 4-3packs of adhesive, 2 packs of 12X12 card stock, a paper holder 6 boxes of buttons and 1 box of pearl brads & a Christmas bag.... ALL FOR FORTY BUCKS... I was SO ecstatic, seriously all of this stuff regular price would probably be about 200 dollars or more. What a steal!
After that I went home and got ready for my awesome friend Bonnie to come over to hang out for the first time in 7 years. It was so nerve wracking to me, I seriously felt like I was about to go on a blind date. I kept thinking things like:
what if she thinks I'm ugly
she will think I'm SO fat
my hair looks stupid & greasy
what if I ramble too much
what if I have to go number 2 when I am with her.. HAHA
etc.. etc..

When bonnie got to my house I actually found myself a little more comfortable than I thought I would. Hanging out with her was like hanging out with myself. I felt like she is my exact copy. 
(hopefully this will not insult her & the feelings are mutual) 
I have been without a car the past few days, so I have not been able to do my favorite winter activity. Which is going to the festival of lights (of course)
So she was kind enough to let us go there & she even let me ramble the WHOLE way!
I had a good time getting out of my house and actually having some human interaction. 
I mean I love my dogs and all and it's great to hang out with them by myself every weekend and all. 
Sometimes it gets lonely seeing as how dogs cannot have an actual conversation.
Thanks for hanging out with me Bonnie!
& please lets do it again. Soon.

Have a good weekend everybody!
Also be on the look out for a giveaway in the near future.


Delirium said...

Hahahahah, this made me laugh so hard. You are so funny! Yeah RIGHT, okay, number one, you are not fat, number two, you're freaking GORGEOUS (I was intimidated), number three, look how dirty my car windshield is?!?!?! hahahahah.

It was fun we totally need to hang out again soon. And I can't believe we didn't even spend one minute discussing the epic giveaway. We suck. Haha.

P.S. You literally have the cutest house I've ever seen in my life, I am infinitely jealous.


Chrissy said...

Wow, great finds!! And, girl, your are not fat, you are gorgeous!

Val said...

Heidi, I know what it's like to just have dogs on the weekend since Art works every weekend. If you feel like it some time come over and we can craft together.

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