Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Night Owl.

Thank goodness my husband is off work tonight so that I can use his laptop, while he plays COD black ops with my nephew. Today was a good day, work was long but probably only because it was the last day I had to work before thanksgiving break. When I got home from work I went to my parents house to see my older brother & his family. (they just flew in from Arizona) They were supposed to come last night but due to the "blizzard" their flight got delayed.

So we sat around my parents house for a while waiting for everyone to get ready to go eat. We all crammed inside my parents & older brothers car and headed to In N Out. Delicious!

After we ate dinner I begged my dad to drive us to Hobby Lobby. I had a coupon, and I heard that Christmas decor was 50% off. I didn't end up getting any decorations. BOOooo.
I did end up finally finding resin which I had been looking for, for weeks! Also I saw a friend that I hadn't seen in a long time.
I got some other various supplies.
Anyways the reason for this post is to show some of the riddiculously adorable creations that I made for my shop (sarcasm). They will probably be posted on my shop within the next day or so. I don't feel like exerting the energy to list everything tonight.
I LOVE how these turned out. I think I need to make them into Christmas ornaments or something.
I made Aaron let me put a bow in his hair.. He didn't really notice (see below picture)
He was TOO busy playing call of duty with my nephew.
 I could seriously put a button on anything.. I am in love with buttons.. I bet you couldn't tell though. haha

 Let me know what you think!
& show me some etsy

OH and be sure to eat A LOT of pie, rolls & stuffing for me. 
One of thee worst parts about being gluten free, is missing out on all of the Thanksgivin' favourites.


Brett said...

I love those flowers! So cute! And tell Aaron it looks good on him :)

Whitney, Coty, and Mr. Mason said...

does he have cod for 360 or ps3? coty has 360, they should play.

thomalee said...

Cutie! Loving all your new etsy creations...and wishing we were there to eat your rolls, pie and stuffing. p.s. love your Canadian spelling of "favourites"

Bonnie Heather said...

Those owl headbands are so cute!

david and christina said...

hey- where did you get the idea for the flower headbands? they look so pro!!! hahaha HAPPY CHRISTMAS DECORATING

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