Sunday, November 21, 2010

Ghost of Christmas past

Oh Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree. How I wish I could get the energy to put up thee!

Stupid sickness! I had big plans this weekend, BIG ONES.
Alas I got sick, and none where achieved. So I decided to take a look back on last years Christmas festivities.
 This is actually a picture circa 2008 Aaron got me this gingerbread kit from Costco for my birthday. Aren't we so creative?
This picture was taken last December when I took Oscar to get licensed & get his rabies vaccine. I loved that little sweater on him. Too bad he is almost twice too big to fit into it now. Luckily for me, I found a similar one at target this year for only 2.50! Woo hooo.
On Christmas Eve last year, all of the family got together & the nieces & nephews opened their pj's. I love having all of them together in one city. Although 3 of them are not pictured.

Hopefully this pesky sickness that has been going around in my family will be long gone for Thanksgiving & Christmas. I am feeling a bit better tonight, and just might get up enough energy to pull out the decorations. 
Some of the new little tiny cupcake earrings (will be posted on Etsy soon!)

Yay for being sick all weekend!
At least someone was able to get comfortable today.

In other news, I finally watched all 11 seasons of L&O SVU BOOO! Now what am I going to do!? Netflix please come out with some new television series I haven't already seen!
Have a wonderful Sunday, oh yeah I forgot, IT SNOWED! Yes, I LOOOOVEEE IT!

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Bonnie Heather said...

I hope you get better soon. Being sick is the worst!

Your dogs are SO cute.

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