Monday, November 22, 2010

Dear John,

IS THEE worst movie EVER, I'm convinced of it.

Today I am feeling a bit better. Yahoo!
I cleaned up my house a bit, went grocery shopping and loaded some laundry into the washer.. Of course then I got too tired/lazy to load them into the dryer once the cycle was complete. 

I went to Costco & Sam's club. 
Costco was a madhouse, I wouldn't recommend going there this week.
I got some really pretty vintage looking (& shatterproof) Ornaments at Costco.
I love them.
When I got home I decorated.
Turns out the ornaments did not come with hangers, go figure eh?
So I spent 2 hours, YES 2 hours tying string through them. 
It was worth it though.
Sorry for the crappy picture quality..
Oh & did I mention all the while I was burning my favourite candle ever?Christmas Tree by Salt City Candles. divine.
Don't worry I kept a few mini pumpkins and a pilgrim up for Thanksgiving.
Now my house is perfect..  Although I do need to go to Hobby Lobby & pick up a few odds n' ends.

Oh yes, lets not forget the owl ornaments :)
I bought this little guy on etsy, click on the picture for a link.

& this little guy came from target.
ALSO, Aaron & I got a Santa Claus cookie jar for our wedding & we finally have a use for it lol.

Yipes I cannot wait for the holidays to get here!

Happy Monday!


Bonnie Heather said...

1. Your ornaments look awesome.
2. Dear John IS the worst movie of all-time.
3. You need to try out the Salt City 'Christmas Eve' candle. I burn it every year it is AMAZING!

Bonnie Heather said...

4. Those owl ornaments are so GREAT!

Gwiddle said...

I will MOST definitely be checking out the Christmas eve candle, thanks for the tip!

Bonnie Heather said...

I just realized I said ornaments twice. Hahahahah. FAIL. The first one was supposed to say decorations.

Are you going to sell those owl ornaments on your etsy?

Amyschmamey said...

I am going to agree with your assessment of Dear John. HORRIBLE! STUPID! ARE YOU KIDDING ME? IS THIS A JOKE? Despicable movie.

Love the ornaments!

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