Saturday, November 6, 2010

Day 23 - Something you crave a lot.

Oh boy this one is such a great topic, Like I have so much stuff to write about on this topic.

Something you crave A LOT.

Cafe Rio, I could eat there every day.
Spoon me, It is gluten free low cal, and delicious! You better believe I just ate some, and yes it was pure bliss. Especially because they have a new mint flavor that when swirled with chocolate is like a dream come true. I LOVE mint chocolate chip ice cream.
Which is something else I crave, mint chocolate chip IceCream
In N Out animal style fries, oh my goodness. Need I say more?
Diet Dr. Pepper always makes my day brighter.
I crave fresh baked bread all of the time, but since I cannot eat gluten it is a useless craving.
Sometimes I have a huge hankering for ice, ice is so good sometimes.
ATTENTION, yes I CRAVE attention.
You wouldn't know it by the way that I act, but I love it when people actually pay attention to my existence.

OMG I got my mini sewing machine the other day and I couldn't be more thrilled. It works really good for small jobs, and it is just so tiny and cute :)
Seriously though only 14 bucks! It is awesome, and you know it!

This time of fall is my favorite, I love it when the trees are the yellow golden color. Seriously Provo is so beautiful right now, I need to pull out my camera and go for a photoshoot. 
And don't you just loved my failed attempts of taking pictures while walking. The pictures DO NOT do these trees justice, the sun was going down and my camera phone just couldn't capture it. Trust me though the trees in front of my house are gorgeous.


Taylor said...

mmmm...frozen yogurt! :P

ok, loved catching up and reading all your posts! :) i printed out the list for the 30 days of blogging. we'll see if i actually do it. i am really good and making a list of everything i am going to do and then accomplish like none of them! haha.

Brett said...

I love your little sewing machine! I have never seen one like that before!
I also love reading your blog and getting to know you better than I did before! Thanks for posting! :)
PS - I think I could eat at Cafe Rio everyday too. Too bad we don't have them here. (Or maybe that's a good thing? Who knows.)

Bonnie Heather said...

Oh man... Don't even get me started on Cafe Rio. I love that place more than life.

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