Friday, November 5, 2010

Day 22 - What makes you different from everyone else.

I wouldn't say that I am particularly different from everyone else. Although I do have some strange habit's that I have always wondered if they were weird, or different, or if others secretly did them too. I only share these now for lack of more substance to write about, don't make fun. Really though, I don't care what people think of me anymore. I rarely leave my house other than to go to work, so why should I care what people from my past may think. They are gone, I have pushed all of them away and I know it. Sometimes my habits are so habitual that I don't even recognize them as being odd. 
Have you ever been afraid to speak something that was on your mind, because inside you feel that even if you recite the whole thing in thought it will come true? I HAVE. Have you ever been so sick of being able to see your facial hair when the sun hits you at just the right angle that you have gotten a shaver and shaved your entire face? I HAVE. Have you ever woken up with a disgusting whitehead but decided to wait to see how big it would grow before you popped it? Well I have. Have you ever been in a public place finding yourself walking as close to the wall as you can, fake dialing or texting people so that you can focus your mind on something other than the anxiety creeping in? I have.. Do you ever catch yourself talking to someone but you can't look at their face, because you feel like if you do they will see into your soul? I do! 
Okay so those are just some of them, I am sick of writing in sentences so now I will just list them.

Weird traits that I possess

I have a healed broken big toe, and it's hideous
I have a permanently dislocated wrist 
I have a mole on the left side of my nose (& I hate it) 
I have stretch marks
I have a scar under my chin
I have a crooked pinkie
I am terrified of people at gas stations
I always have to sit in an isle seat
I have severe anxiety (but I am working on it)

I have a hard time being in public places 
I am obsessed with owls
I love making crafts
I love rugs
I love the colors green & purple
I love the snow
I hate when my fingertips rub together
I have tiny legs (in the short sense)
I have skinny feet, that don't fit into most shoes

I probably should not have admitted these things in public. 
Gad zooks. (funny word haven't used it in a while)
Especially about white heads! How embarrassing.
Please, tell me I'm not a freak! YIKES!
♥ I love reading blogs

1 comment:

devin and chianne said...

hahahah this post is so funny!!!
I do lots of weird things obsess over popping my husband's white heads. especially the ones on his BACK. so much satisfaction in popping them.

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