Thursday, November 4, 2010

Day 21 - A picture of something that makes you happy.

Seriously there is almost nothing that can bring a smile to my face (no matter what mood i'm in) than Oscar in the morning/night.
Little boy LOVES to burrow under the covers, and he also loves to cuddle with mamma. Every morning when I wake up for work and go to his cage all I see are blankets. Until he wiggles his little head out of the blankets yawns and looks up at me. He looks so sleepy, warm and comfortable. This makes me jealous, I wish I was still cuddled up in bed. Sometimes at night baby girl and boy cuddle in the blankets together, it's adorb. They hardly make a peep, until Sammie repositions herself and you can hear oscar growling at her for disturbing his sleep ♥ silly puppies.
It makes me happy that my hair is finally getting longer. It is very irritating though, I don't know how people can stand long hair. I just want pretty long hair, I have NEVER had long hair before. Also, this weird looking food dish makes me happy because I actually made some food for my hubs. It is enchilada casserole (gluten free) :) & let the record prove it is pretty damn good. 

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