Monday, October 18, 2010

What a witch!

Yesterday Amanda and I went to Gardner Village to indulge ourselves in some fall festivities. They have the place all decked out with all sorts of witches. We walked around and went into all of the shops, getting ideas for craft projects and home decor. 
We went into a doll shop which I was horrified to discover that they had twilight dolls. They were selling for $150 a pop! Okay I admit, I am a "twi-hard" fan, but a doll for $150??? Seriously? Although they did have harry potter dolls as well, which I have to admit I would maybe splurge the money to have a sweet replica of Dumbledor on my mantle, or even HP. Check these dolls out.. 
 The best part about the jacob doll was the way he was posed, but the designers need to take in account that his pants totally look like mom jeans. UGLY right??
 HAHAHAAHHAHAHAHAHA... That is all that I have to say about these three beauties!.. Seriously??
So these ones are FREAKING SWEET... I was tempted to buy Dumbledore as a "Christmas" decoration, he does quite resemble one of those Santa Claus dolls. HP FOR LIFE.. 
After mosying around for about, we decided to get lunch at Archibald's, I had a cobb salad yummmm!

              Check out that sweet witch diving off of the top of the windmill?(is that what its called?)

All in all it was a great trip, and I got some very cute fabric to make flowers with. Maybe even a quilt not quite sure what yet. It is quite adorable though!

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Amanda & Jeremy said...

Those dolls crack me up! (I was finding purple feathers from those boas all day!)

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