Sunday, October 17, 2010

Day 3

Picture of you and your friends
Amanda and I at Gardner Village on saturday. She is my friend from work, she is  from Alaska. She is pretty much a BAD A. 
Oscar and I, Really he is my best friend (other than my husband). Seriously I love this little guy, he is always excited to see me and he loves to just cuddle up on my lap. Last year he was my only roommate, he kept me sane on all of my lonely nights. Also, my other dog Sammie is a good friend. She is a cutie, I couldn't find a good picture of the two of us. But I ♥ them both.
This is my older sister Kate, this past year we have become  pretty close. It is hard to get to spend time with her, due to the fact that she lives in SLC. Hopefully once we start our etsy shop we will spend more time hanging out. She is one of the most talented genuine people I know.

This is my good friend Jennifer(btw she is wearing a costume, her hair isn't normally in pig tails) Anyways, today I spent the day with her family for her birthday. The theme was Oktoberfest, and they went all out. Including these lovely boobie bibs that all the women wore. She is a riot, you can't really tell but she sliced her nose open yesterday and had to get stitches. Happy birthday Jenn! 

This is my good friend Meredith on her wedding day. I have known her for many years, and we have had many girly chats together. She is pregnant with her second child and I am ecstatic to have a friend that is expecting. I am so glad that Nathan and Mere decided to finally tie the knot. I love having married friends. 


Crystal Arballo said...

I love this blog! I'll be your married friend too. haha. Love the boobie napkin things. So funny!

Amanda & Jeremy said...

Haha....I am Bad-A! That was fun! (and exhausting!) Lets do more fun stuff!

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