Monday, October 18, 2010

Day four

 A habit that you wish you didn't have.

Okay, I admit there are a lot of them so bear with me. 

1. Leaving trash in my car mostly sonic cups, wrappers, receipt, and those stupid mats that In n out gives me.
2. Saturday and Sunday eating, I will literyally eat so well all week but for some reason by sat/sun I just binge. I will eat a full meal, be STUFFED and then decided to eat bags of chips.. As well as other salty thing.. REALLY??
3. Throwing my clean and dirty clothes on the floor, my drawers are lonely, sometimes I swear I hear them weeping to have a pair of socks or underwear to keep them company.
4. buying craft supplies for a project that I want to start, even though I haven't finished my last project.
5. Not showering every day, seriously though who has the time?
6. This one is kindof gross so you might not want to read.... but sometimes I forget to brush my teeth. YIKES. I think this is my husbands favorite I habit that I have. LOL
7. I always end up shaving through my fingernail's when I am in the shower and let me tell you it hurts!
8. Why must I pick my zits?!? If I would just let them heal on there own I wouldn't have these un-sightly scars...
9. Pulling out my hair, because it is totally as stretchy as a rubber band.. (i'm serious)

Well you have probably learned more than you wanted to EVER know about me. Everyone has gross habits right??

I will leave you with possibly the cutest picture ever, hopefully it will help relieve you of all the disgusting things/images I just exposed you too.
(of course I was talking about myself in this picture...not yuck, but look at the kitty!)


Bonnie Heather said...

I shave my legs twice a year.

My boyfriend lives in SC, so why not? ;)

I have some pretty gross habits too. Which I will not name.

CUTE picture. <3

Gwiddle said...

YES! I haven't shaved in over a month now! hahahah

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