Monday, October 18, 2010

animal's and awkward photos.

Look how attractive my husband and I look! Haha. Totally a candid shot, what is with my freaking tongue! Seriously half my wedding photos are of me with my tongue sticking out. This picture was taken at Aaron's sweet grandmother Louanne's 80th birthday party. We are so glad to have her in our lives, and that we were able to celebrate her upcoming birthday with her.
I bet you didn't know that I LOVE animals? Well I do. Although I have to admit these large birds kindof freak me out a little bit. This is Cecil he is 20 years old he loves to crack nuts and save half of it in his bowl. This bird is my friend Jennifer's, she also has 2 other big birds. They are all so beautiful, can you even believe those colors!
I bet you were looking for another kitty picture, if not too bad. I love this kitten her name is buttercup. She is so tiny and loves to play with string. We have a conection, just look at the way she's looking at me :). 
This is buttercup's sister willow, she is so shy. I cannot get her to come out from underneath the car :( she is a beautiful grey color with bright blue eyes. There is just something about little baby animals that melt my heart. Good thing Aaron keeps me grounded, we go to cafe rio and everytime there is a guy selling puppies. If it weren't for Aaron I would have probably brought each and everyone of them home.
These are my cute nieces, they are the proud owners of the two previously mentioned kitty's. I want a kitten :(! We went to hobby lobby together and then went home to craft up a storm.
We made this. The color and angle sucks, but I promise it is super cute in real life :)

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Riley & Tana Park said...

I want to see your headband! And all the flowers you have been making! Bring them to work!

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