Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Photo booth blast from tha past

 I have been seeing a lot of posts lately that have made me think.
One of which you can find here
This particular post got me thinking about all of the photo booth pics I've taken over the years.
Also about how it would be neat to take a photo every day, 
and then see how you've changed over a year.
I know that I will probably fail at this, but I have so many photo booth pics already!
 Then I was reading this post and  decided to do a memory lane, photo booth addition.
I really wish I was at my parents house to get the ones I took circa 2001-2007.
Those would be a blast to see I'm sure! 
Maybe next time I'm over there.
Any who.
I have photo booth pictures starting from 2009 on my laptop so here goes:
OH also, this is when I first started growing out my hair. 
(be ware, I make a lot of ugly faces)
 Hey look tiny six week old Oscar!
 Remember when I used to be obsessed with make up?? Also remember how I am allergic to my fav. eyeshadow now:( Haven't tried to use it in over a year, maybe I will be able to again.. HMMMM.
 This face is in many photos, mainly just making fun of all the kissy duck faced girls on the Internet these days.
 Oscar was so good at taking emo shots with me. I shouldn't have let my smile slip.

These are making me want to chop my hair.

 Me and Osc. used to have so many photo sesh's.

 That one time, when I was obsessed with my camelback water bottle.
 This was at the first apartment Aaron and I lived at.

 This is from the night we got engaged.

 Road trippin with my sister to Arizona

 That one time, when my aunt died. P.S. luvin me all this acne.
 From my honeymoon
 In the car driving to Canada for my grandpa's funeral
 At our Canada house
 this is from when I botched my bangs

 When I was obsessed with crocheting

 Valentines. How original.

 Sammie's first and only heat cycle. That SUCKED.
 baby bangs

 In Canada
 First professional cut and colour in a year
 so happy. HA
And folks here's today's shot. BAHAHA.
Just woke up from a nap, whateve's I don't care;)
Seriously though next time I am at my parents I am going to blog about those photo booth days.
Also, I am starting to go back to weight watchers meetings with my mom starting Monday.
So. I will blog my resolutions then.


Chrissy said...

Love the look back and you look cute in all of the pics! Oscar is so cute as a puppy! Happy Thursday, sweetie xxx

Eva said...

You're so great Heidi :) I like you.
Also, loving your hair in that road trippin pic! so cute.

Amylou said...

These pics are so awesome! I wish I had photobooth on my computer!

Love baby oscar! He's so adorable!

And you look so cute wearing a beanie. Everytime!

Happy VD night!!!

taryn said...

You do look cute in beanies!

i think it's funny that the older we get the less we care or do our makeup. you're really good at doing it though! i used to wear a full face and now i just wear a light eye shadow to brighten my eyes and mascara. something i can do in 5mins. haha

girl, you hawt! i better see that mug again later!

Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

:D these make me smile. You can definitely ROCK some awesome makeup...allergic?!?! NO!!!!

& look how little your sweet puppy is. AWWWWW!

With Love, Jamie said...

Heidi i just adore you & your cute face!!! So lame that your allergic to your fave eyeshadow! I say try again! ;) Your eyeshadow skills are wonderful...come do mine! ;)
P.S-I miss all your crochet creations!!

Rach @ This Italian Family said...

What a fun post! It's cool to see your hair grow over time, haha!

Janette said...

I love your face! Especially the just woke up from a nappy face! Loved the flashbacks..and looved loved seeing baby Oscar.. You got any baby pics of Sammie??? I'm sorry..but she's my fave... Am I allowed to have faves? Her face and expressions are priceless...

Love youuuuuuuu por vida!

Janette, the Jongleur

Janette said...

I looove your long hair! Don't cut it! Bangs yes..cut no!

Jess Judkins said...

I love your makeup :-)
and your dog :-)

Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

LOVE the new layout, girl! xo

~April~ said...

I love all the pics! :) Oscar was such a cute puppy... I love the idea of taking a pic every day for a year and making a little video to note the changes, but I don't know if I'm disciplined enough to remember to take one every day! Something to think about though...

PS. I tagged you over on my blog! ;)

Blue Eyed Night Owl said...

Wow, you've built up quite a journal doing this. Very cool!

Maggi said...

I always love these collections of photos that look back. You have awesome hair in all those photos, even when you've just woke up. Bravo for that :) I also love the one of Oscar chewing on your finger.

Looking forward to seeing the "Early Edition"!

Brittney said...

All I learned from this was:

A) I need your hair
B) I need your dogs
C) I need your eyeshadow skills

Le. Sigh. <3

Melanie Ann said...

Your blog is looking super cute, hope you're well
Have a great weekend :)

jorjiapeach said...

this just made my day.

kaylee said...

This is such a cool idea for a post! I really enjoyed it xo

Lillian said...

I want to let you know that I am nominating you for the "Liebster Blog Award" on my blog later today. Check it out =>

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