Friday, September 23, 2011

Singapore Day 5-6 (photo heavy)

I have been so weary 
(for lack of a better word) 
about blogging lately. I think it is because I have SO many photos that I want to share with everyone. Yet I hate describing what is going on in each photo, and all the run on sentences that follow. Therefore until I am caught up to the present date, I will be blogging with little commentary.
 (besides the occasional caption)
 Aaron & Emily- his little sister
 I met her for the first time this summer! I'm so happy she is my sister in law!
I kind of felt like a giant around her. What else is new though?
This monkey cracked me up, totally my kind of man;)

 Inside the Indian Restaurant my family liked to go to. I loved the logo, so silly.
 Aaron gave this monkey some sour candy.. I know, I know don't feed the monkeys! I really did feel bad.
 This little guy followed me around everywhere.

a photo of my brother for size reference of the monkeys

 That little guy had to be thee cutest thing I had ever seen. He could not have been more than a week old. He was tiny and so skinny, at first he was not sure what to think about me...
 He eventually warmed up to me and kept trying to get closer.
 Every time he would get too close his mama would pull him back.

 We went on a walk through this crazy rain forest with a wooden trail.
 The leaves at the top of the trees were gigantic!

 While walking on the trail I noticed this water monitor hiding. It scared the crap out of me, that thing was as big as an alligator! 
Poisonous too!
Have a great weekend! 
Hopefully I will get around to posting the rest of the Singapore pictures tomorrow!


Katie said...

I love those monkeys! I'm still super jealous you got to go to Singapore. Does Aaron's sister live in Hong Kong? I just thought it was strange you never met her until this summer!

Looking forward to more pictures tomorrowww :)

Kandice said...

those monkeys! that leaf! that "water monitor" (?) !

but seriously, your bro looks like a mix of charlie off lost and john krasinski.

Blue Eyed Night Owl said...

Oh my goodness! I love monkeys! So this totally made my day:)

Looks like an amazing vacation!

Melanie Ann said...

Those monkeys are the cutest! The baby especially melted me haha. Have missed your posts, good to see you back :)

deanna@delirious-rhapsody said...

what? i'm just sitting here eating some leftover fries out of the garbage? you got a problem with that?

With Love, Jamie said...

Aah! I love all the monkeys!! :)
I miiiisssssseeed you! ;)

taryn said...

oh my gosh! how cool! i would be totally nervous around the monkeys for sure but how cool that they're just there..........

the rain forest is def. scary! haha, i'm a total wuss when it comes to nature. i love looking at it but fuuu if things can "get" me i steer clear.

you just go ahead and post pictures to your little hearts content, i don't need stories...i'll ask if i'm curious!

happy saturday!

Lillian said...

The monkeys are so funny and cute! Boy can they be mean little buggers though.

That leaf is unreal! Nature is amazing.

Just the picture of the lizard scares me! As big as an alligator? YIKES

Love your pictures!


~April~ said...

Awe, those monkeys are so cute! I used to want one as a pet... my husband would have a fit though. ;)

Liz said...

so cute!!!!!!!!!!
and you look so skinnnyyyyyy
holy cow.

anyway, I'm stoked you had a good time. I know you were nervous

Amylou said...

LOTS of baby monkey CUTENESS! Oh my goodness! Love the one with the yellow eyes and the little baby. So adorable!
I would be terrified of that monitor lizard! Not a lizard person.

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