Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Fall Fashion Week Day 5

Today's outfit is really embarrassing.
Of course I wore sweats again.
I really didn't feel like "dressing" up after work.
My pups really wanted to be in the photos, so they are in most of them.
Oh and I still haven't quite figured out this whole tripod/remote thing.
So please excuse the awkward remote in hand photos/awkward face... UH.. 
 Man taking photos of yourself is awkward! I wish I would have smiled LOL.

Shirt: Target
Hoodie: American Eagle
Yoga Pants: Target (ew I hate how these look on camera!)
Necklace: Handmade by Ashley
Shoes: VANS

I told you, I'm not stylish.
My dogs are cute!
P.S. For some reason my dang photos keep uploading on blogger SIDEWAYS. Has this ever happened to anyone else??? 
I have so many more photos but they are bugging me!!
So all you get is three...


Katie said...

pretty!! You look great! I love the necklace Ashley made for you. And how your pups are just wanting your attention lol

deanna@delirious-rhapsody said...

what an awesome necklace! and i love how your dogs are looking at you like, 'wtf mom??'

from kat said...

you are stylish. its amazing if i get out of my PJs on any given day! lol i really do love that necklace. you look adorable in all of your fall fashion posts ^_^

With Love, Jamie said...

haha @ Deanna's comment! ;)
I love your yoga pants! I need a pair of black ones!

Kandice said...

sweat capris are the beeeeest. coming from someone who has a problem.... ;) haha

seriously, my favorite. (don't own the yoga kind though)

taryn said...

every night i come home and immediately change into lounge pants, baggie shirts and hoodies. i don't feel like i have to be all dolled up at home...poor boyfriend.

totes cracked me to see the little pumpkin on sammie's behind! so nice of you to cover her unmentionables!

practice makes perfect with the selfies! i'm not good at taking them either...i'm such a goob.

Breeanna @ a brilliant melody said...

Despite what you say, I think you are stylish.

And your doggies are so cute!

amyschmamey said...

You are adorable! And yes, taking pics of yourself is awkward. That is why my whole first 4 weeks of my pregnancy photos I am not smiling. It's just difficult to have all this going though your head: compose shot, get best angle, make sure it's focused, and then REMEMBER TO SMILE! ha ha ha. It's a lot to do all at once :) OR maybe I am just a terrible multi tasker ;) ha ha ha.

Amylou said...

NICEEE!! The pumpkin on little Sammie's boootay was a nice addition! ;)
I WISH I was wearing that today! Looks so comfy!

Janette said...

Bumz.. I tooootally thought I had commented on this post..Guess not.. Sorry for the delay.. But I think you're cute and not just the pups! You know what reminds me of you? Whenever I see stripes or drink DDP I think of you... But mostly stripes remind me of you..Oh.. and how you said something about "lady parts" on one of your comments to me You're one of a kind Ms. Heidi!

Janette, the Jongleur

PS. Can you do a Q&A post or vlog?!!? I want to ask you some questions!

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