Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Fall Fashion Week Day 4

Today was one of those days where all I wanted to do was get in a pair of sweats after work.
I have two "outfits" to post for today.
1: my work uniform
2: comfy post work outfit

Scrubs: Some scrub out let
Undershirt: H&M
Headband: Handmade by Deanna
Hoodie: F21
Shoes: TOMS
So stylish eh? Ugh I hate scrubs they are so un-flattering. 
Oh! while we are on the work outfit subject, I wanted to post a photo of my favourite tree.
I see it every day on my walk to/from work.
P.S sorry for the tampax bathroom shotz.
After work I am usually very tired and too lazy to get dressed up.
Sweats & a t-shirt are pretty much my whole wardrobe to be honest.
I found my tripod but I suck at using my remote... So be kind;)
Oh and the lighting in my house sucks.
I'm really good at making excuses.

 Okay, please excuse my nasty freakin' kitchen in these photos.
Headband: Handmade by Deanna
Hoodie: F21
Shades: F21
Tank: H&M
Sweats: American Eagle
Shoes: TOMS
Puppies: Heaven ;)
  haha SO CHEESY.

Every time I try to get a photo of both the pups together one is always either blurry, or making a silly face. Oh well.

Sam is totally growling at Oscar for getting in her space in this photo. 
Poor guy.
Join in the fun!


Shewearscrazywell said...

Cuuuute puppy pics! I think you look adorable no matter what! I think dresses are super comfy..thus why you see me sporting more and more of them! So...I understand totally...comfort=key! I loooove your sweet little headband with your work scrubs! Hearts, Janna lynn

Janette said...

Your dogs kill me.. They look so friendly and cute... As do you you! I love love love that you posted a scrubs outfit...Who else but you would do that? That..my friend...makes you a fantastic person in my book! Keep the posts coming!

Janette the Jongleur

Breeanna @ a brilliant melody said...

Yay! I've missed you.

When I come home, I change into sweats or jeans and a t-shirt. I really don't care what I'm wearing at home, unless I have company over.

I really love your bangs!

deanna@delirious-rhapsody said...

eep! the fact that you are wearing the headband i made makes me happy! :)

With Love, Jamie said...

I love cozy & comfy! Adorable little headband :)

Amylou said...

ok I love that your headband matches your scrubs! Makes the scrubs insanely cuter!
I'm with you on comfort at home. I put my PJs on first thing!
I adore your dogs! They are my favorite internet pup celebs! Love their little faces!

p.s. have you been crochet much yet this year?

Erika Lee @ A Tiny Rocket said...

awww your dogs are so adorable.

I love that hair thing in your hair for your scrubs outfit :)

taryn said...

i wish i could wear scrubs every day to work. i think i'd probably like work a lot more! i hate business casual attire.


Kandice said...


i think that's the very first time i've seen you smile. i think i like it ;) hahahah

sean wears the exact same thing to work. minus the bright blue... i like black ones on him.

i used to wear scrubs when i was going to school for nursing but stopped schooling to pop a kid out, ya know.

AND, AGAIN, SWEAT CAPRIS! hahahah we're like sweat capri best friends for life. people with regular sweats can shut up.

jorjiapeach said...

cuteeee comfy outfit!

Diana Smith said...

You look super cute in scrubs. I love how your headband matches and your hair ALWAYS looks perfect!

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