Thursday, August 11, 2011

Singapore Day 2

We had a great time the first day in Singapore hanging out with Aaron's mother and Auntie Sandra.
It was so great meeting all of his family and they were all so welcoming and hospitable.
On the second day in Singapore Aaron and his uncle went out and got some roti prata (sp?) 
Which is kind of like an Indian crepe/croissant/tortilla thing. 
My family loved it and they ate it a lot while we were out there.
Unfortunately being gluten free, I missed out on experiencing that part of the Singaporean culture:(
I brought a lot of my own snacks though, which I am glad I did!
Most places had little to nothing I could eat. 
Any who..
 Aaron's Uncle peter took us out that day to explore downtown Singapore.
 Every morning when we went outside it was a little misty/foggy.
I loved it, this photo makes it easier to tell. Do you see the airplane?? So neat!
One thing I didn't particularly love though was the heat, and humidity. 
Kind of miserable.
 My sister Angela at Auntie Sandra's flat
 There were lots of Ferrel kitties around the city with no tails:( 
I kept seeing this little guy around our flat, he tried to run away from me down in the gutter.
 A little gecko, Aaron kept trying to pick it up but it was too small!
 See that crazy building that looks like it has a ship on top?? There is an amazing pool up at the top that looks like it just drops off the edge. (pictures further down) Singapore is full of carrraaazzaaay awesome architecture! 
 Aaron & I in front of the "durian" inspired buildings. If you don't know what a durian is, consider yourself lucky!
( Don't mind my freaking white chubby legs, barf.) 
My family & I in front of Singapore's skyline!
 Okay, can I just tell you how amazing the plants are in Singapore??
 Remember that building that had a giant boat looking thing on top of it? Well Aaron's uncle Peter got us tickets up to the top of it to look at the city! (How cool) 57 flights up a really scary and a claustrophobic elevator ride.. but SO worth it! Check out that port! So many boats.
 My mom & older brother on top of the city
 My dad checking out the view
 my mum & I
 The massive Ferris wheel
 Aaron and I on top of the city
 Yeah that'd be the pool at the top of the hotel, crazy eh?
 Another view of the pool.
 When we came down Uncle Peter took us to the restaurant at the hotel.
They had orchids all over, my favourite flower of ALL time!
Anyways, the food at this place was off the hook! 
 Inside the hotel 
 Someones dessert plate, I can't remember who's.
 Unfortunately they dug in and ate one before I could snap a picture. I was able to eat some stuff at the restaurant which made me stoked!
After lunch we took a monorail over to Sentosa. 
Where we went to the beach.
 This flower looked fake but for real, it was real!
 What are these flowers called anyways? They are beautiful!
 Seriously though, they look fake! I am in love with the colours!
 My little China man swimmin' in the China Sea!
 Little sis bakin' in the sun
 The beach inside Sentosa
 These flowers remind me of Dr. Seuss, I don't know why.
 Crazy huge cable car line. 
Did I ever tell you that I am terrified of cable cars?
 This green stuff was on a lot of trees, I don't know what it is though. Any guesses?
 Aaron eating another one of his favourite foods, "duck rice"
Later that night Aaron's uncle Tek took us out to the night safari. 
Which was really cool, we rode around in the dark through the zoo to see the nocturnal animals. We watched an animal show as well, which is what this really blurry picture is of. No flash... Crappy photo. haha.
Anyways, sorry for the photo dump.
I hope you enjoyed the photos:)


Another Diamond Day said...

You are in Singapore!!! So exciting!!! Love the pics! Keep posting! and Keep on having a great time! Happy holidays! xox

taryn said...

great pictures! i looooove the palm trees!

that pool is crazy scary!

i didn't know that singapore was so tropical, i hate humidity...but it looks like a fabulous place to visit!

Kandice said...

so did you say aaron's parents live in singapore? (i remember you said it was your first time meeting them.) or if you guys just met there since that's where he's from. just wondering what brought him to the states ? school or something? 'cause that's pretty cool. now i'm just wishing sean was from somewhere awesome like this... although i would never in my life ride that ferris wheel.

Breeanna @ a brilliant melody said...

Beautiful pictures! The view from the top of that building is so pretty! That swimming pool is pretty crazy! It makes me dizzy just thinking about looking of the end of the pool.

Shewearscrazywell said...

So pretty! I know...Singapore is such a pretty place! I remember thinking...please just let me remember how this looked for the rest of my my life will always be filled with beauty! Looks like you had such a great time...but your body dis-morphia is killing me! You called your legs chubby...and here I was thinking they looked rather slim! I think you all looked fabulous and happy! Hearts, janna lynn

Erika Lee Sears said...

I really loved singapore last time I visited. and the food so yummy- it must be hard being gluteen free. they have a really cool earth friendly mall there by india section of town. they have cha bubble tea there but its all over asia which i just love.

the water show out in sentosa is pretty amazing.

Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

Oh my goodness! I am so happy to read about your trip...after seeing tiny tastes of your photos on instagram! :)

That looks like the MOST amazing place, and I am simply obsessed with that tall building with the "boat" top. WOWZA. That VIEW! THAT POOL!!?! omg. I die. In fact, I probably would die of anxiety if I was to even dip my foot into that infinity x infinity pool. Eeeeeep!

This trip looks so totally AWESOME.

& your legs look incredibly un-chubby, silly girl.

Katie said...

what a totally amazing trip! I can't believe that building has a pool on top...I'm not sure I could swim up there because I'm so scared of heights! But the concept is really neat.
Oh the things I would do to visit any Asian country...

PS You are so lucky you've snagged yourself a China're gonna have half Asian babies! It's a secret wish of mine to have half Asian that weird? :)

Melanie Ann said...

Those flowers are called frangapeni (sp?) flowers. Gorgeous pics!

Gale said...

you took some amazing photos! i love seeing the city, skyline, architecture...everything. that pool is also incredible, wow! oh and i looked up durian haha. that building was definitely inspired by it. i wonder how that fruit tastes like. also, i loved that vine with the orange flowers ...and those red things remind me of dr. suess too! it's the furry red hair. so cute lol. and i seriously am craving duck rice and a vacation!

thanks for sharing:):)

Amber said...

Girl! amazing pictures! I want to visit all over and all your pictures have made that desire even worse! There are some crazy beautiful things out there.
Also, that swimming pool on top of the building?! AMAZING!!!

Tami said...

Did you eat any "Ice Kechung" while you were there?? How about "fish ball soup"? I loved both of those. Plus, Singapore is one of the most beautiful, clean cities I've ever seen.

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