Thursday, August 11, 2011

Singapore Day 1

Wow I have been so behind on blogging about my trip!
I've been traveling quite a bit lately and haven't yet had the time.
While in Singapore I took LOADS of photos, both on my SLR and my IPhone.
So be prepared for a huge load of photos!
So at 7:30 pm, the night before our trip we got a call telling us our flight to Japan had been cancelled. 
Uhhhh... Say what??!?
Anyways long story short, and 3 hours of Aaron on the phone things finally got worked out and we got there on schedule.
The first day in Singapore we kind of just bummed around near where we were staying.
We explored a local marked and ate a lot of treats.
We stayed at Aaron's auntie Sandra's flat which was so nice!
 (L-R Aaron, my dad, my mum, and Aaron's Auntie Sandra)
Eating lunch at the mall near her home.
 I have no clue what was so funny
My brother was trying to get a picture of the duck hanging behind me to the right.
 A food stand in the mall.
 These dog treats cracked me up, especially the one of the dog drinking a bottle. Those were little jelly cup things, how the heck are you supposed to feed those to your dogs?? hehe.
 I had to get myself some of these little macaroons, they were passion fruit, strawberry and chocolate flavoured. (& delicious)
 This is a snack Aaron and my brother got, it was some sort of flour dumplings with coconut & peanut butter inside.
 Don't try to order a Diet Coke in Singapore.. You'll learn quickly that they don't "have it" Diet coke is called "Coke Light" over there.
 Aaron eating one of his favourite snacks
 Aaron and his mum
 My older brother Spencer flew in from San Antionio, TX and met us in Japan
Aaron and I at dinner later that night. Oh don't mind my saggy eye! For some reason my eye in like every picture is like that! WTH?
I bought the dress I was wearing the first day we were there as well.
I made the mistake of wearing flip flops around that were worn very thing. Which lead me to trying to find a new pair of comfy shoes most of the first day. Which I didn't find, mostly because they were all so freaking expensive. My feet were hurting so bad that I almost bought some crocs. & if you know me, you know that I think crocs are among the most hideous things on earth. Guess how much they wanted for a pair of those suckers?? $95 BUCKS pre tax!!! WTH?
Anyways, I know this doesn't show too much of my trip
I will be blogging about each day and this pretty  much summed up day one!


deanna@delirious-rhapsody said...

in mexico it's called coke light too!

Eva said...

your parents are so cute! actually, your whole family is!
also uhhh $95 for CROCS?? haaahahaha

Eva said...

(my husband wears rip-off crocs called "gators". As if the originals weren't bad enough..)

With Love, Jamie said...

Looks awesome! Love all the pics! :) ;)

Liz said...

Geez, I'm so jealous of your travels!! I'm glad you're back though, because I've missed your blogging!! haha
And yeah dude, I bought crocs when I went to Africa. UG-LY as crap, but they did the job. hehe
I'm glad you had a good time- I know how much you were nervous about it!

Another Diamond Day said...

can't wait to see the rest of the photos!!! :-) have a grrrreat time! x

taryn said...

wowza! 95$ for crocs? they are indeed the most hideous thing out there, maybe it's a good thing they were that expensive, at least you were never seen in them because of that, right?! fuuuuu

i totes have a saggy eye too, we rule.

Breeanna @ a brilliant melody said...

Love seeing all the pictures. I love all the different kinds of food you get to eat.

I agree with you about crocs!

Gale said...

gwid! those snacks have me drooling. i have to find to go to the local asian market to-day!! that's awesome your family came and also met up with you along the way..what a great trip. and yea i think crocs are FUGLY too:P

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