Monday, April 18, 2011

My last supper

I just barely noticed that all my posts are centered around food.
 {how embarrassing}
I've kind of been on a "diet hiatus" lately. 
Seriously, this girl has been doing some crazy binging.
Which needs to END RIGHT NOW
So what do I do?? I have my "last supper" which usually includes all the junk I love to eat {but shouldn't} horked down the hatch in one sitting. Because you know, my diet is starting tomorrow. For real this time. Aaron and I have set a date for Singapore, I am very anxious. We are going some time in July, the exact dates will not be shared via interwebs thank you very much!
So. Back to the whole my diet starts tomorrow, it really is.
Aaron and I are starting fresh and hopefully we will be smokin' hot by July.
I mean I don't want my Mother & Sister in-law to be embarrassed of their fat daughter/sister in law. Seriously people, I am stressed of what they will think of me. {we've never met}
Okay now for my real post, rant over/.
I love spring time. Especially for all of the yummy fruit salads my mum makes. 
Yesterday Aaron and I went to my parents for Sunday dinner and afterwards we decided to take the dogs for a walk.
Behind our house I saw this beautiful tree, I think it is a cherry blossom. Although it looks different from the ones in my brothers backyard. The leaves are red, not green and my oh my is it a beautiful tree.
On our walk we passed my parents house and decided to stop by so they could see the pups. 
Oscar & Sam love going to Grandma and Grandpa's house. 
{yes we are those people, you know the ones who think of their pets as children}
My parents always have an immaculate lawn and pretty flowers. 
This week the tulips were in bloom, they are one of my all time favourite flowers.
Daffodils are pretty too, but the dang things like to droop so I always have to hold them up to get a good shot. 
After we left my parents house we decided to go over to the river trail. I wanted to see how Oscar and Sammie would react to water. They have never been so close. Oscar is a scaredy cat, always has been. Since the day we brought him home at just 6 weeks old. Sammie on the other hand, has always been a dare devil. She walked straight down to the waters edge. I think if I weren't watching her closely she would have jumped in!
Since today was my "last supper" I decided that I was going to splurge and get some cadbury mini eggs. 
Yeah I've been trying to resist for WEEKS, but at least I only got a mini bag right?? 
I decided it was best I got them now, because once I get back on the diet bandwagon Easter will be here.. And you can't let Easter pass you by without having some.
I actually have a picture of me doing the exact same thing last year. 
{I swear}
Today was so rainy, it seriously sucked. I wanted to take the dogs for another long walk. 
They whined every time I left the house, because they thought I was about to take them out. 
I topped off the night with some delicious gf cupcakes from my fav. place. 
& of course I took a lot of pictures of it. It might be a while until I get my next fix...
I am seriously dreading tomorrow.
I am seriously the biggest yo-yo dieter I know!
Diets suck.
I hope you all have a great week!


Knitful Dezigns said...

Awww i ate pretty bad yesterday and today also jejeje, i dont think you should be embarrassed about your "food blogs" i think they're cute and fun :) jejeje

I love love your pictures too :) so fresh... the river trail looks fabulous! So do those cupcakes <3

Heather said...

Easter Candy is seriously so evil. I have an impossible time trying to resist it. My diet starts tomorrow too! Maybe. I hope.

I'm so jealous of your camera. The flowers are amaaaaazing!

kenzie said...

YUM. easter candy is the best.
and yes, diets suck. ugh.
i have no idea how i havent fallen off the wagon and eaten an entire bathtub of ice cream and gained all of my weight back.
i actually hit the 25 lbs lost mark this week. so thats kinda fun. if anything it makes me more motivated to get to my goal. i know, im sick. feel free to punch me at any time. why am i talking about this? im such a jerk. bad blog friend. baadddd.
um. now this is the part where i offer words of wisdom and a gem of inspiration, right? so...'yay for getting back on the horse. you can do it! i believe you can fly. i believe you can touch the sky. go big... or go long and prosper."
thats all i got.

but surrriously. high five. up top!

Katie said...

Oh man, you're a trooper for starting your diet the week before Easter! At least you go some goodies in before hand :) It's kind of refreshing to know that I'm not the only one who goes into these diet "hiatus"s. You WILL be smokin' hot by summer time!
My mom makes fruit salads every night for dinner. They are soooo good!!!

Eva said...

what a gorgeous tree!
you'll have a great time in Singapore, i just know it :)

blue eyed night owl said...

Your dogs are so cute! And those cupcakes, wow!

Good luck on your diet. Try not to undo everything you achieved when you're jojo-ing, that way it will take so much more time, pain and energy.
And I hear it's best not to limit your food intake too much, but just replace snacks with healthy stuff. And some healthy things like tasty fruits can taste even better than candy anyway.
I have faith you'll pull it off! Hang in there!

posidanielle said...

omgosh dear! i am right there with you! I am in desperate need of dieting again. Its just so hard. Nothing tastes good in a diet. haha. perhaps I just need to buy tons of fruit. haha.

Miss you friend!

posidanielle said...

omgosh dear! i am right there with you! I am in desperate need of dieting again. Its just so hard. Nothing tastes good in a diet. haha. perhaps I just need to buy tons of fruit. haha.

Miss you friend!

Sarah E. said...

I don't believe in dieting :P

and I'm also obsessed with food. I love it too much to ever give any up. Those cupcakes look AH-mazing and that fruit salad looks delish :)

Is your doxie Oscar or Sammy? Just curious...I'm a new follower LOL.

Pets are furbabies. They ARE family. No shame in treating them like your own :))

Deanna said...

those cupcakes look divine!

and i agree about summer/springtime being such an awesome time for fruit salad.

Amylou said...

Love all the photos! My fave is you and the cadbury eggs bag! You are such a cutiepie!
Good luck with dieting hun! I'm the same way I need to get on a better diet and start working out more. Wish me luck!

Diana Smith said...

That fruit salad actually looks super good! Maybe its cause I had chocolate for breakfast haha

Breeanna @ a brilliant melody said...

I consider my dogs my children too, so I know exactly what you mean!

I'm such a yo-yo dieter. I think I've decided not to deprive myself of something if I really want it. If I say no hamburgers at all or no icecream, I just want it more. But if I just cut back on the bad stuff and eat more good stuff, it's easier for me to healthy in the long run.

Amylou said...

p.s. I tagged you in a little something fun on my blog. =)

Heather said...

I got the dress at Old Navy! You should go get one. It's seriously comfy and it's stripey too! Your favorite!

Old navy and target have really good dresses.

taryn said...

yesterday i ate an entire bag of twizzlers. 1 pounder. yup i saw that pound this morning on the scale too!

i'm jealous of your trip. i was curious as to why you were nervous/anxious about it. but now that i know you haven't met his family i can see why fo sho! i'm sure it'll all work out just fine! you don't look like a bad person. and i say let it all out if you're not any more smokin' hot than you already are by july! who cares!

and seriously, the cupcakes! you're killing me! they look so good!

great pics! you're getting so good with that new camera!

happy tuesday!

Liz said...

well, deary dear mc dear face, gooooood for frickiiinn you. do you have ANY idea how much candy I have stuffed my face with this month?!?!?!

jelly beans after jelly beans after JELLY BEANZZZZZ!!!! gaaahhhhhh

but other than that, yay for you, blah blah blah. way to be all good and whatever.

love the pictures. love your dogs. wish you lived here.


AmyLee said...

i've definitely made lots of exceptions to my "diet" due to easter. it's worth it. just get back on the wagon!!

Janette said...

Droopy dandelions ARE downers! I hate having to hold flowers for shots.... And no need to apologize or explain all the food posts! I'm loving it! Especially around lunch time.. Yummmm! Now I'm hungry! Oh! my friend gave me a gluten free recipe and I thought of you... It was like a coconut chocolate cake thing...It was amazinggg!

Janette, the Jongleur

we wear things said...

now i'm having a cupcake craving! great pics!

Hello Again Vintage said...

I love your photos, girlie. All your food posts are yummy, but that fruit salad your mom made looks super delicious. What a perfect sunny day treat?!

And I'm probably as scared as Oscar. I don't blame him. Us little folks might get swept in.


Ashley said...

I got Cadbury mini eggs for Hudson's Easter basket, and I've been dying to tear into those babies.

This post did not help the cause.

Going to sneak into the kitchen and rustle myself up some Easter goodness. Now. ;)

Alycia ( said...

oh i LOVE those chocolate eggs! i got to find some now :) something about that candy shell just reminds me of my childhood easters. and your little puppers are so cute <3

renee kristine said...

oh hey, now you know me so you're the second biggest yo-yo dieter! that's why i weigh 574lbs

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