Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy EarthDay Earthlings!

Happy Earth day! Okay so technically this post is like 45 minutes after the fact.
Oh well. I am so grateful for the beauty of the spring months. It is crazy how there are so many little things in nature that you never even notice, until you stop and pay attention. Beauty is everywhere, just waiting to be found!!
I am feeling much better, and hope to have an actual post for this weekend!
 My tulips are finally blooming!
 Does anyone know what kind of flower this is? 
 They are so pretty & they follow the sunlight, it is so neat to watch.
 57 degrees?? Can I get a what, what. Oh it's 90 where you live? Don't rub it in.

 The other day I got up from my sick bed to go outside for some sunshine:)
 Oscar always steals my shoes when I'm not paying attention to him. Seriously this little guy melts my heart!
 If you notice they are always in the same position in my photos. They love laying on the back of the couch in the sun♥
 A bunch of these little flowers popped up all over my yard. They are tiny and so beautiful. I know I keep asking this but what kind of flowers are these?? 
 One of those unseen beauties in nature that I spoke of. I love the simple things.

 I didn't even see the web or the bug with my eye, until I was looking at the photo. I love when that happens:)

 These things have always been a mystery to me. Are they weeds like dandelions?? Or are they flowers. I used to love picking off all of the little berry things when I was a little girl and squishing them.

Oh Utah you are so silly. Snow in the mountains, and spring in the valley. 


Happy Weekend friends!! 
Go out and enjoy nature this weekend!


Katie said...

Those purple flowers are soooo pretty!!! I wish I knew the name of them, too. Actually, all of those flowers are beeeeeyoutiful. I've also been dying to have a pair of those exact same Toms.

taryn said...

i'm glad you're feeling better dude. being sick sucks. my allergies came and attacked this week so i've been a hot mess myself.

pretty flowers! but i hate spring. i love seeing everything come back alive but there is just too much rain!

and i hear ya about it being 90 degrees everywhere else...we're only getting in the 50's ourselves here in the midwest...we got a teaser weekend of 85 degree weather but that kind of temp has not been seen since. i'm ready for swimming!!!

have a happy day!

Shewearscrazywell said...

Sorry you been sicky...boooo. But at least you got out in the sun! I looove the doggie pics as always. I don't know why but I adore pics where dogs tongues are out. :) Hee hee hee! Have a great weekend and I hope your feeling all the way better super soon! Hearts, Janna Lynn

wichserstudio said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Deanna said...

i hope the sun made you feel a little bit better!

Gale said...

Oh I love the Spring photos you have up here. Especially the ones of the buds and ones that haven't quite sprung. That photo you quoted to be 'unseen beauties of nature' is so lovely! I'm happy you're feeling better Hairy! Really missed ya.

Oh ok I just got a glimpse of that fruit salad down at the post below. Wow that looks amazing! Also, you are already smokin' hot lady. & You seem like the sweetest girl ever. I don't think there's much to worry about what they will think of you. But I do know how it could be meeting the S.O.'s rents! Trust me;) Just know you're beautiful!

Chrissy said...

Wonderful photos! I see, you like playing around with your new camera!
And your pups are so cute!!! Love!!
Happy Easter!! xxx

With Love, Jamie said...

Love your photos, they make me happy! Come take pics here in Cali! ;)
I'm glad to see you feelin' better!!
xo, Jamie

vroomvroom911 said...

Happy Earth day to you too!
Those pictures are fabulous~ Keep up the good work. LOL

I really enjoyed this post.

Eva said...

gorgeous flowers :) this makes me excited for the hike me n nathan are planning to take today!

Lillian said...

I'm sorry you've been sick. Sunshine can be good for what ails you, or at least lift your spirits. The flowers are beautiful. I love the purple ones. My favorite saying about flowers/weeds is "one man's weed is another man's flower." And your dogs are simply adorable!!

Than you for you sweet comment on my blog. I'm sorry that you are having trouble finding a church in your area that accepts you for you. I hope you can find that place of acceptance. Just remember God has accepted you for who you are and where you are.

Knitful Dezigns said...

I hope your feeling better girlie <3 Your pictures always make me smile! They are always so full of life and energy :) I loooove your puppies jeje too cute

blue eyed night owl said...

No idea about the flowers, sorry! But they are really pretty:)
Was great seeing all these nature pictures. And your dogs are cute as always!

Whitney said...

Those flowers are so pretty. I really like those white ones, but I don't know plants names that good. Thanks for sharing some sweet pics and your dogs are so cute.

amyschmamey said...

Great pictures!!!! Those white flowers are a form of a daffodil I do believe. I'm not positive but that is what I think. I love daffodils. Anyway. Happy belated earth day :)

renee kristine said...

okay so i dont get it... this (and the post before this) i didn't see?! how? and i've noticed that before hmmm... i don't know, but anyway.. i'm glad you're feeling better! miss you!

Lei said...

Those tulips are beautiful! I don't know what those white flowers are but they are pretty! :)
I love your pups. They're adorable. I really don't mind seeing more photos of them in your blog. :P

la petite lydia said...

Oh my GAAAAHHHH TULIPS! ... Like I said, I love tulips. These photos, again, are gorgeous. I love how you were able to capture the beginning of spring. Lovely.

And...your doggies crack me up. They are adorable.

Amylou said...

GEEZ! Your photos are just too cool.
Love the tulips at the beginning.
I also really adore the tree with all left sided limbs.
BUT MOST OF ALL....Sammie's tounge! OMGosh! Seriously. I might squeal from the cuteness!

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