Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Weigh In Wednesday

This past week was a tricky one for the emotional eating. 
Due to the pregnancy scare... BAHAHA
I resisted and resisted, gave in a little, then felt bad, so I worked out. 
And so on And so forth.
I met my goals for last week and that makes me proud:)
So here are the stats:
Heidi: -1.6 {total loss = 10!}
Aaron: -4.5 {total loss =10.1}
I met my goals for the week! {drink more water & lose a pound!}
Kind of bummed that the husband didn't exercise at all and he lost 3 more pounds than me though. BOOO.
OH well.
I exercised every day but one last week and now it is starting to feel more like a routine.
This weeks goals: 
Lose 1 pound
Exercise 6 days this week
Try a new recipe
See you all tomorrow!
Tomorrows post will be about a trade I did with this awesome girl Gale, over at Wichser Studio! Check out her blog!
Get excited!


Eva said...

10 lbs so far! That's awesome! :)

Another Diamond Day said...


I just saw your comment on Lovers in a Dangerous time post "Family Anxiety" and since I am new here, I though of stopping by and say Hi!

Take care! x

Ashley said...

Congrats! :]

blue eyed night owl said...

Maybe you're not losing as much weight as Aaron because you are building muscle! Muscles are heavier than fat, so that could be it. So he may beat you in weight loss, but you might kick butt in the strength department;)
Anyway, well done, 1 pound is still great!

Gale said...

wow heidi! 10lbs. is awesome!! you're inspiring. go girl. i'm doing a dance for you:)

& you're so sweet with the shoutie, thankss!<3

Chrissy said...

Awesome!!! 10 lbs!! You go girl!
Have a fab day!!!!! hugs xxx

Amylou said...

YAY! You guys are doing great! Seriously proud of you for resisiting!

Liz said...

1. Screw you for losing so much weight.
2. I love you.
3. I am excited. You're right.

renee kristine said...

Amazing job!!! and don't worry about what aaron lost.. men lose weight sooo differently.. we've got curves and stuff to work around.. plus you're building muscle! I'm jealous of your weightloss.. i've still got baby lbs to lose!

posidanielle said...

Congratulations on your weight loss love! that's awesome! I need to work out more. But I can't seem to get the wii to work. It's being weird. I'm going to work on it right now.

Love you gorgeous!

With Love, Jamie said...

Congrats on the weight loss! Can't wait to see what Gale sent you!! :)

Janna Lynn said...

Wow look at you super fit! ;) Keep it up...that is awesome! I am sooo looking forward to your next post too! :) Doesn't it make you sick how swiftly guys can drop weight with little effort? Ha ha! Love ya...Hearts, Janna Lynn

Katie said...

i've been doing super bad. i just keep satisfying my craving for mexican food. it's soooo bad! i just need to tattoo "a moment on the lips, forever on the hips" to keep me from doing this. hahaha

kenzie said...

yay! congrats! you're doing so so so so amazing. i'm so proud. i lost a pound too yesterday, bringing the weight loss to a nice round number of 20! doesnt seem like it though. crazzzzy....oh man. :)

Lillian said...

I'm proud of you for meeting your goals! That is so awesome! Don't get competitive with your husband, guys do lose weight faster than women, unfair I know but it happens. You are doing a great job, hang in there!!!

Before you think too highly of my Lenten goals, I felt like I was going through withdrawal today!!! Over TV for Pete sake!!! Now mind you my night time TV is not going anywhere. LOL. I agree that the timer thing would have to be a couple hours at least. I'm just making sure I don't sit and wander on the internet, but that I do it with purpose of thought and action.

Janette said...

1. 10 lbs! AWESOME You're doing greatttt! Keep going!
2. I think I want to do Weigh in Wed.. What do I do? Is there a sign up sheet? Do I have to jump through some hoops? Let me know.. I'm very interested!
3.How's the exercise coming along!??

~April~ said...

Congrats on the weight loss! 10 lbs is AMAZING!! I hope to be there soon. :)

Breeanna @ a brilliant melody said...

congrats on your progress pretty lady! Doesn't that suck how guys lose weight so easy! grrr! my husband is like that.

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