Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Sunny day

I just spent far too long trying to re-do my blog layout.
I don't like it. But I am too tired to fix it right now.
To be honest I am a little bit too tired (& sore) to blog. 
So tonight's blog is going to be short.
First off, did you enter my giveaway yet? If not click on the giveaway button on the sidebar.
Today the sun came out!
We were so excited around here. 
So what do we do when it's sunny out? 
Lay in it:
This picture makes me laugh so hard ♥
 I love laying in the sunshine & so do the pups!

Oscar practicing his flute.
They think they are cats, they are laying on top (yes on top) of the coffee table!
My pretty little girl
I know the pictures don't line up too well,
sorry you'll just have to deal with it.
I'm kind of in a bad mood because of the ending of Biggest Loser.
ANYONE watch?? 
Can we please discuss this?
Okay well enough with this, I've got to go get on my exercise bike!
Love you all ♥
See you all tomorrow for Weigh In Wednesday!


With Love, Jamie said...

I actually really like your layout!!
I love the photos & the leaves & all the COLOR!

Liz said...

It cracks me up when you have "nothing" to blog about you post a ton of pictures of your dogs. Hilarious.
I miss my dog :( You would love her. She lives with my parents now...
ANYWAY, I don't watch BL. I don't have cable anymore. BUT, IF I DID, I would watch it with you.
But I don't, so I can't.
So I'm sad. Hahaa
And I haven't entered your giveaway yet because I am LAZY.
But I will. Because I am AWESOME.
Okay. Have an awesome night ;)

AmyLee said...

ah man, we could use some sun around here! i am SOOO ready for spring.

Katie said...

i like your layout! but i understand, cause i'm so nit picky about the way my blog looks too!
those pups are too cute laying in the sun

Shandi said...

Cute layout! I really like your new header!

And cute pups! as always! :)

Also, I watched BL for the first time tonight this season, and I was upset with it too!!! Poor Anthony! :(

edu said...

THE BIGGEST LOSER SUCKED TONIGHT!!!!!! I was so mad that arthur went home!

Chrissy said...

Love the new look! Great background!
Have a wonderful day! xxx

la petite lydia said...

Aw! The photos are so precious, I love them! They make me miss my puppy. She is still with my parents. But I get to see her tonight. Haha.

Ps. I like your blog layout. I especially like the header.

posidanielle said...

I like the new look lovely! Its cute!!
I like to lay in the sun also!! I wish it was warm enough to go sun bathing!

Have a beautiful day lovely!!
love you,

Diana Smith said...

You are so awesome for being so dedicated to working out!! I wish I could be like that! I always start....then stop!! Its bad!

Amylou said...

Oh I know what you mean about redoing your blog and then not liking it!! I had to create a secret test blog so that I can do all my work and get it just to my liking before I change anything. I've been a much happier blogger that way! You should make one. It makes things easier!

Your dogs are seriously adorable...srsly!

Char M. said...

I like your new layout. I really really like that picture of you and Aaron that you have on your blog, super cute. Exercising can be so hard! But you feel better once your done, kinda. I love your blog!

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