Thursday, March 3, 2011

I HATE exercising.

I have been trying to lose weight since 1/1/11.
Up until this week I have had little to no exercise.
I hate working out, absolutely DREAD it.

This week while at Weight Watchers something clicked, an "a-ha moment" if you will. I finally decided it was time to strap on the running shoes and suck it up. So far, I have worked out every day this week! OH and I have sweated every time.
I know that might sound weird to some people, but I don't sweat very much so I know I got a good work-out when I do.
Okay So I was browsing the web for 
a funny picture or work-out vid to post.. But I ended up on
Where I spent a good hour browsing the dachshund section.
I found this adorable clip, which may only be adorable to me because it features wiener dogs... 
It also featured a treadmill so I thought it "sort of" related to this post.
Anyways the purpose of this post is to write all the things I HATE about working out.. and maybe some things I don't hate so much.

  1. When my hairline gets sweaty and it makes my hair get all frizzy. I also hate it when my hair is wet.
  2. The monotony of it all... Repetition, after repetition blah blah!
  3. being out of shape, therefore out of breath
  4. Being so sore afterwards that trying to sit on the toilet is a thirty minute process, to get from an upright position to sitting.
  5. Achy restless legs.. Making it hard to sleep.
  6. Getting all hot and sweaty {and smelly}
  7. I get really dizzy when on exercise equipment.. DOES ANYONE ELSE?
  8. When your butt gets sweaty.. I know TMI
  9. Feeling like after one workout I should be skinny only to realize if I ever do want to be.. It will take more than one work out... 
  10. Having my iPhone headphones swinging around my neck and getting boob sweat on my phone... This problem is soon to be fixed. You see right now I just put my phone in my bra, which I hate. So I finally manned up and bought an arm band! Yay!

Hopefully it actually fits around my arm!

  1. Taking a shower after working out is 100% more relaxing than normal.
  2. Water tastes like the nectar of the gods afterwards.
  3. For some reason drinking soda is unappealing when I've been working out. {I drink far too much of it, and this needs to be changed!}
  4. I tend to sleep a lot better
  5. getting in shape!
  6. feeling like I accomplished something
  7. taking time out of the day just for me
Basically this post is for personal gain.
Sorry so boring.
Speaking of boring, I'm getting bored with my work out routine already. Come on! It's only been 4 days. Please tell me what you do to keep it exciting?? Or something that helps you keep on going. 
I love you all, and appreciate all of your support.
Have you entered my giveaway yet? 
If not 

& have a fabulous night!


AmyLee said...

ah man :( you hate working out?? sad.

to keep it exciting i have to work out with friends. or have an amazing playlist. or switch it up & try new things. or buy new workout clothes that i get excited to wear.

good luck... it's worth it :)

...with ♥, SB said...

I am not a fan of working out either. But I love zumba, you should try it! IT has worked for me, adn I really enjoy it. the time goes by so fast when theres good music jammin and friendly faces!

good job on working out EVERYDAY, Sheesh, i am no where close to that, just 2 - 3 times is all! KUDOS!

Gale said...

that's a great list! makes me motivated to work out today:) on certain days, i get WAY dizzy too and often times have to take it slow or completely stop. i'm thinking it depends on what i ate that day or if i had coffee, etc. you're doing great! and your body will get used to it in no time. i'm so happy for you hairy! great job. btw, you look so good in that photo of you in your last post, with one eye!

that list of positives is all inspiring and very true too. it really does feel like a big accomplishment for the day. and i love what you said about taking time out of the day just for you. no one else can work out for us right? <<i wish

have a great weekend gwid<3

with a chance of said...

This post was great! I love the little doggies working out - so cute! I used to be a "jock" so working out was my life. I would wake up at the butt crack of dawn and run 5 miles everyday, plus do some kind of sport, plus lift in the afternoon. Having a kid has so changed all that. Working out now is taking the dog for a walk, chasing my two year old, and climbing the steps to our apartment lol.

It's awesome your working out! Once you get into a grove of doing it, it can be kind of refreshing. You'll see improvments and want to do it more. That's how I used to feel anyways!

Good luck! Oh and be safe, don't hurt yourself!!

renee kristine said...

get out of my head! i am the exact same way. i'll do all i can to avoid sweating... which is a task living in FL, who am i kidding?! I'd love to sit in 70 degree weather every day for the rest of my life, eating ferrero rocher and toblerone! [sorry for making us think of food]

i don't exactly have any tips since, well, i suck at this too. my goal was to walk every single day once my baby was born... he's almost 10 months and i haven't done "everyday". maybe once a week. so i'm commenting to inspire! and to creep back on what others have to say so i can be a milf :) bwaaahaha

Amylou said...

I actually didn't find that boring at all. I have a lot of the same struggles and really need to get back into routine. You are kind of inspiring me actually. I need one of those arm band things too!

Amylou said...

p.s. Cutest puppy video ever! Going into my favorites! =)

la petite lydia said...

This is a great post.

I love working out, but I get into times where I just don't want to. Right now being one of those times. I usually do some aerobics every other day and I do yoga every day. Maybe research some yoga and see if you find anything that helps you.

Lillian said...

I am not a fan of working out. Which means I really need to because I am completely sedentary! But I am a fan of the benefits, now if I could just motivate myself to do the exercises!! Richard Simmons here I come. (Yes I love to do his videos--he makes me laugh)

For the sore muscles take extra vit C if you can. You're hurting because your body is releasing lactic acid (I think that is what its called) and vit C helps fight its effects. For the restless legs take calcium. It helps relax that syndrome. (Unless it is a real medical issue than you need to talk to the doctor.)

OK here I go I will start exercising again...tomorrow. =>

You are doing great and I am proud of you!! Keep it up Doll! ♥

Janna Lynn said... crack me up! I agree with your hate and like list for sure...but once I get healthy (over this cold!)...I need to do my workout program. It's called Shapely Girls, and its for bigger gals like me! :) I don't really lose weight, I just firm up a bit, and it keeps my heart rate going, so its good for me. You have motivated me to pick that back up. I love those weenie dogs pics and video you posted! My red chiweenie is a bit plump, I tell him he takes after me :). ha ha! Great post! Hearts, janna lynn

Eva said...

oh my, are you stretching afterwards? cuz i don't know if you should be *that* sore!
i agree with all your likes and dislikes, haha it's so true, water is actually really good after working out...i usually never want water.
good for u girl!

Sunny Dee said...

I had the SAME problems with working out. Have you tried yoga at all? I just started doing at home exercises with these super awesome dvds. I've lost 30lbs in like three months, and I never feel tired or sore after ward. AND better than that, I LOVE doing it!! It's definitely a work out, but it doesn't FEEL like one. I love it!! You can check out the dvds here :) Good luck with your workouts.

Paigeepee. said...

i like this post mucho :) its so so so so so hard but your likes is a good way of keeping you going!!

kenzie said...

oh my gosh, you're adorable.
i always hate exercising when i first start after a long hiatus. then it just becomes part of my day. the hardest part is actually leaving the house and getting my butt to the gym, but once im there, im so glad i am. i totally agree with your likes and dislikes. water IS nectar of the gods. and i love having time for just me. steam room or sauna afterwards is a MUST for me. i just lay and relax and think. so nice!
i've been trying to switch it up lately, because i think im plateauing but then some people on WW online said that i'm probably not eating enough. so who knows. anyway, im SO proud of you. i wish you lived closer and we could be gym buddies. darn you distanceeeee!

taryn said...

i love this post.

i hate working out too dude. it sucks hardcore. i haven't done it so long. i had a good week or 2 but then it all went down hill from there.

way to go getting all motivated! i need to do that...

Emily B said...

See, I read your negative list and all I could think was "well, that will go away, and that will too, so will that..." The longer you keep working out the less sore you'll be, the more endurance you'll have (less sweat, easier breathing) and how great will you look!! I'm just now getting back into running (I used to run all the time) but I moved from a safe small town to a city where I have literally nowhere to run so I'm running laps around a church parking lot. I'm also REALLY out of shape because I had knee surgery and have been totally lazy! So I'm right there with you.

To make workouts more exciting, when it gets warmer do things like play frisbee or soccer or something that keeps you moving. Rock climbing, hiking in general... do fun outside stuff and you won't even realize you're getting a workout!

P.S. You MUST NEEDS be stretching before and after you work out. It'll help the lactic acid from settling in one place and therefore make you less sore. Plus, not stretching leads to lower back pain and other horrible things and stretching lengthens the muscle to help you look longer and leaner. :)

Good luck, you're doing amazing!

Breeanna @ a brilliant melody said...

oh man do I feel you! I hate working out. My forehead always gets really sweaty which means my hair gets sweaty. I hate it! I also hate the feeling afterwards of after sweating clothes on.

Diana Smith said...

girl! I soooo agree with you!! Seriously! Its sooo hard to want to work out, but its never easy! I love what you say, water is the necter of the gods after working out, its so true!! I always feel so good after working out, but for some reason don't remember that feeling when I am being lazy!!

Shandi said...

I feel the same way about working out, which is why I'm going to say this once more:


Haha. :)But seriously, it's so much fun. And I never leave there less than completely drenched in sweat. (Hot, right!?)(No pun intended. ha)

But I'm so proud of you!! Keep it up! Also, I LOVE my ipod armband! suuuuuuch a good investment!

Love you! Hope you're having a good weekend! :)

Jodi said...

I, too, hate working out. I feel the exact same way about it that you do. Honestly, zumba is the best thing ever. I'm SO glad Shandi introduced me to it. It's honestly fun and you get such a great workout. The instructor we have is the best ever. Come with us on Tuesday!

Anonymous said...

i've found that if i am at all thirsty or dehydrated before i work out i get dizzy. so drinking water is crucial. :)

Fin said...

Oh my gosh. "Being so sore afterwards that trying to sit on the toilet is a thirty minute process, to get from an upright position to sitting."

I've been there so many times! You basically have to fling yourself down! Same with laying down on a bed..

My motivation for working out is that the routine I do is only 35 minutes and that is way less time than I spend doing other "unhealthy" things in my day. I use the Jillian Michaels DVD "Biggest Loser Last Chance Workout". Having her yell at me and also encourage me is actually quite motivating.

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