Friday, March 11, 2011

Do you honestly want to see whats in my bag?

I was recently tagged by fellow bloggers {and friends} Chrissy & Danielle to share with y'all what's in my bag.
-Brace yourselves-
I'm a simple bag kind of girl.
 My belief is, that your bag should not cost more than your entire outfit combined. 
This particular bag I bought from this etsy.
These are always in my bag and I always have my bag with me.
 Just in case. 
I don't know why my spare jacket button is in there.. 
Sorry for the bad lighting.
 Cosmetology store membership card & debit card 
{expired mind you}
Petsmart card, Maly's membership card, Spoon me punch card, MAC pro membership card, and some local artist's business cards.
Hand sanitizer, Peppermint Lip Butter, Toasted Marshmallow Cupcake Chapstick, and of course Burt. I never go anywhere without at least 3 tubes of it on me. One in my purse, one attached to my keyring and One in my pocket. Oh and one on my husband, if I forget mine he always has his. <3 haha
Debit/Credit card, Drivers license, & Petco card
I don't always carry this in my purse, it just happened to be in there today. 
I always have to have a fine tipped pen for doodling and writing with me. I just have to. I also usually have a moleskin journal in my purse but it has disappeared? Hmmmmmm.. Wonder where I put it.
More hand sanitizer.
 If you know me at all, you know I always have to have some on me. I'll be the first one to admit that I am a germ-a-phobe. 
Ibuprofen in a really old nasty bag.
My key chain which includes: My ET key chain, Pet Perks card, P.A.L.S card, Best buy rewards card, Cosmo prof card, a pocket knife disguised as a key, a rape whistle/flashlight, chapstick cozy with burt inside, Pill capsule for anxiety meds, work locker key, car key, and adorable bird keychain made by my adorable friend Jamie-{etsy
So basically don't mess with me, I'm well equipped.
See that? Anti-bacterial! Haha. In my favorite scent. Around Christmas time I stock up on the actual lotion in this scent and I use it year round. Everyone makes fun of me for it. Especially my co-workers, because I cannot function without it at work. I swear the peppermint smell helps me wake up!
My favorite perfume in the entire world! Seriously my sweet sister in-law Amanda had read on my blog that I wanted this perfume, and she surprised me with this for my birthday! She is awesome:)
Need these!
Always have to have a pair of sunnies. Got these at Target yesterday!
Wallet bought at this etsy shop.
I always have to have these on me. Oh and btw these so do not taste like smoothies!!
This really was in my bag this morning...
I pretty much have one of these on me at all times. Just in case I am out in public and get hungry. It tends to be tricky to find gluten free snacks on the go sometimes.
that isn't even the half of it, but my down loader is taking like 2 minutes to download every picture so I am done. Oh and plus, this post is even boring me! Sorry my bag is so lame! haha. 
Not pictured:
tampons, change, pantie liners, weight watchers "tools for sucess", My weight watchers membership booklet, a few rings, a pair of plugs... And so much more. Basically I am the go to girl for anything you might need, at any given time. I get really anxious if I leave my house without everything I might possibly need. It is ridiculous I know. It is funny how those things are just kind of a habit now. I don't really realize that I was doing it until I look at the "house" I have packed in my bag. OOPS.
Oh well I'm tired. 
Good night!


Deanna said...

i love that bag!

and i could practically smell the peppermint lotion from my computer screen. :)

Gale said...

i'm the same way and take my house with me wherever i go. except that, i take a bunch of things i don't need and end up leaving things i wish i brought! but one thing's for sure, a black felt tip pen and notebook!

ooh and also, i have a bunch of expired cards and random receipts with me too lol.

hope you have a really nice weekend hairy:)

Chrissy said...

Your bag is super cute! Great post!
Happy weekend! Hugs xxx

Katie said...

hahah i feel like you have SO much in your bag. if i do one of these you'll see i have almost nothing. we have the same point of view when it comes to bags. i also have an owl bag, and its sort of along the lines of a messenger bag!

Liz said...

DUDE. I have SO MUCH in my bag!! I love Burt's. I have to have it with me ALWAYSSS.
And I always have lotion(s) and gum and pens and pencils and random crap.
Oh, and medicine!
Okay, yeah. I'm the go-to girl out of my friends, too.
It's awesome. For them. Not me. Because my bag is always heavy.

Liz said...

DUDE. I have SO MUCH in my bag!! I love Burt's. I have to have it with me ALWAYSSS.
And I always have lotion(s) and gum and pens and pencils and random crap.
Oh, and medicine!
Okay, yeah. I'm the go-to girl out of my friends, too.
It's awesome. For them. Not me. Because my bag is always heavy.

With Love, Jamie said...

How do you carry all that stuff?! Haha just kidding...I guess i always have a ton of stuff too! And I always have a Toy Story toy or a Seseme Street character in the bottom of mine! ;)
Burts Bees is my favorite, i love Burts bees everything!

Knitful Dezigns said...

I personally didnt think this was boring :) it was very fun! Your bad is sooo cute, (i looooved the chapstick warmer thingy) and all of your little bridie things! I love em!

renee kristine said...

I love that bag! i can't believe how much shit actually fits in there!

haha i really like that we think a lot along the same lines! i had to recently downsize my bag because it was just getting out of control

Hello Again Vintage said...

Cute bag! Wow, you have tons of things. I usually just have my phone, wallet, chapstick and if I remember, hand sanitizer.

Eva said...

i ALWAYS have Tums with me in my bag too!! except I use the original peppermint flavour

Breeanna @ a brilliant melody said...

Very cute bag btw. You can learn so much about people from their purses. I'll have to do one of these when I have time. Have a great weekend friend!

...with ♥, Amber said...

for some reason my computer has been acting weird, and so 1/2 of the pictures on your post didn't work!

I like that you are a go to girl, its really a good quality. Even though you were bored, I enjoyed reading this post. ♥

bebe bird beck said...

haha not boring! I love reading these posts.
Your bag is so cute! I love that you carry everything you could ever need! So handy.
I've had to make myself stop, because my purses were hurting my back.
But I don't feel nearly as prepared now. :[

Amylou said...

Hey you saw what was in my bag! Rediculous! I carry way to much too. It is good to be prepared!

Oh and your owl bag is so cute! Your wallet too! I kind of want to steal them!

Janette said...

How does everything fit in there???!!! LOL Your not pictured list is super long...Great post!
Janette, the Jongleur

{av} said...

I think you had about everything BUT the kitchen sink in there :) you must get an arm workout every time you carry it! haha. I'm a HUGE DDP I was happy to see that included! hope you had a great Monday! xoxo {av}

Ashley said...

I absolutely love your bag and wallet! I really need to do this post, too!

~April~ said...

Wow, your purse must weigh 20 lbs just like mine! :) I prefer the Mixed Berry tums though...

PS, I totally just ordered that owl bag! LOVE it!!!!

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