Tuesday, January 18, 2011

W.O.W Widowers Unite!

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So today was an interesting one, not bad though. Does anyone else besides me out there know what a "W.O.W Widower" is?? Does anyone else have to deal with this dilemma, or is it just me? For those of you that do not know what W.O.W. stands for, lucky you. Let me explain, it is W.orld O.f W.arcraft. Worst game ever invented!! Whoever invented MMORPG's should be shot! (M.assive M.ultiplayer O.nline R.ole P.laying G.ames) Anyways, my husband is a gamer.. it's fine he's a nerd whateves.. Except for one game, W.O.W. Seriously I call it the widow maker, because when there is an "instance" going on, it is like he is dead to the world. Do any other wife's out there feel this way?? Please tell me there are others!
I'm pretty sure he would kill me if he knew I posted this :S.
I opened at work today, which was good because I got off early. My friend Bonnie texted me before I got off and told me she was coming over after school, woohoo! My house was a pigsty though so I raced home and cleaned. Which was good because my house was a mess! When I got home, I had 2 packages in the mail! I got two shirts (1 woot shirt & 1 ZT) and 2 awesome owl kitchen towels from Zen Threads (thanks Jamie for the tip about ZT btw :)). I love them ♥
I love this shirt, but please ignore my gut please!haha
After I cleaned house I was pacing around anxiously for Bonnie's arrival.. Why do I always get so nervous to have people over? I decided to calm my nerves and take my pups for a short walk.
They get tangled up a lot.. So much so that Oscar actually peed on Sammie today:
Haha, silly dogs. 
Anyways, so right before Bonnie came over the car place called and said that my car was ready to pick up. I am so glad she showed up when she did, and was sweet enough to take me to get my car! $450 later and my car feels like new! HA. Seriously though, it is a much nicer ride with out all the clanking sounds..
After we picked up my car we went to get a soda, and to Hobby Lobby. Where I got some pretty yarn and FINALLY bought a 9mm crochet hook. OH and some silly bands, which I forgot to give Bonnie one of the BFF ones. Dang! Oh well excuse to send her some mail.
I was so excited about this hook because I found the prettiest yarn in what I decided was one of my new fav colors. It is way chunky though so I needed a larger hook, this one did just the trick and I made myself a new hat!

I am so glad that Bonnie and her ADORABLE baby Asia decided to stop by. They truly did make my night!! (Bonnie I promise all the !!! and :) are really sincere) I hope that we get to do something again really soon! Have a great Tuesday night everyone!!
Did anyone else watch the Biggest Loser???
I'll see you guys back here tomorrow for Weigh-in Wednesdays, wish me luck!


Breeanna @ a brilliant melody said...

I use to date a guy who played an online game that he was obsessed with. It can be hard, I feel your pain.

I only saw the first episode of Biggest Loser. I need to catch up!

With Love, Jamie said...

Looove your shirt! I totally want one of those skull ones too! Oh & I love the color of that beanie!!
Thanks for the sweet blog comment :)
xo, Jamie

la petite lydia said...

My husband doesn't play, but I have friends who do. They spend so much time on that game! Then they wonder why they're doing poorly in their classes...

Delirium said...

Wow, you can make those hats FAST! I want one of your hats even though I have long hair. I'll find a way to wear one. And I loved the alien do you were rocking yesterday. Hahah.

I'll just go ahead and deny that I used to play wow 24 hours a day before I had Asia...

amylou said...

I confess....I am a WOW widower.
I swear Heidi...we have so much in common....it's crazy!
I will have to take a picture sometime as proof, but lately it's WOW or starcraft.

Love that beanie! So cute.

You and Bonnie are awesome! Looks like such a fun night!

Brett said...

I'm not sure if that's the exact game "someone I know" plays at this point in time (I'm sure he has it) but I do feel your pain. It's like pulling teeth to get them away from the computer!
Maybe I would understand more if I had ANY interest in it, but I pretty much just hate it.

Janna Lynn said...

Wow...I'm still looking for your "gut"...you mean the small one that isn't even as big as my thigh...you are gorgous Sweetie! Anywho...your t-shirts are adorable, your hat is AWESOME...you do great work!!! Your doggies do what my doggies do...wizzle on each other..that was kinda funny! I won't tell the hubs your telling the world about his guilty pleasure :)...I get lost in the world of sewing and homework and my hubs has his hobbies (small models from WW II, like tanks and stuff)...so we are both obsessed at the same time! Hearts, Janna Lynn

Hello Again Vintage said...

Haha. Warcraft sounds addicting. I've never played the game, but I always hear my cousin downstairs playing it. I easily get addicted to games so I don't let me get my hands on it. If I ever did, you'd never see me on here ever again. Hehe.

Chrissy said...

Never heard of that before! But my hubby is not a gamer! Yay!

Cute shirt! Love skulls!

Whitney, Coty, and Mr. Mason said...

Mine doesn't just play wow there is league of legends, starcraft, and the newest one everquest. And that is just the online ones. Don't get me started on the 360

kenzie said...

first of all, this post made me laugh several times. you are kind of amazing.

secondly, biggest loser : oh..my...gawsh.
im actually glad they gained because i love awwthurrr! and he was about to be below the line. tweedle dee and tweedle dum need to go.

vroomvroom911 said...

My parents play W.o.W. (both of them, they play together, its actually kind of cute) I feel like an orphan. No just kidding, its not that bad, but it certainly is a time vacuum.

those hats are super cute. :)

taryn said...

yeah! wow widowers unite! the only thing i hate about wow and the other mmorpgs that dale plays is that he stays up ALL night long playing and comes to bed at 4am and wakes me up every time!

we're both gamers - except i don't get into the mmorpgs, i'm more of a casual gamer so i can't hate it that much but it'd be sweet if i didn't get woke up so early!

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