Monday, January 17, 2011

Here comes the sun!

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 Are you sick of me yet?? haha!
This post is going to be very picture heavy. When I woke up this morning I felt like something was different. I was not sure what it was until I ventured outside to go to weight watchers. The sunshine was out, and the snow was melting!! Yippee! ((& I did lose more weight this week! Which you will have to wait for Wednesday to find out how much;)) haha.. Seriously it seems like it has been weeks since I have seen the sun. So I took some snapshots to document this glorious occasion.
I had a bazillion errands to run, and I was more than glad to do them today and not freeze to death!
First stop the gas station:
I didn't even have to wear socks with my Toms today!! Usually I venture out in my fuzzy Christmas socks, so it was a nice change.
Next I headed over to the vet to refill Sammie and Oscars prescription:
and to reward myself for losing weight today I let myself get a veggie tostada and a LARGE diet soda from Cafe Rio! YUMM! After I ate lunch I crocheted a beanie, which turned out pretty good but.... It was WAY too small for my head, bummer.. 
I love these colors in real life the picture makes it look much more orange than it really is, it is more of a rust red/orange. OH and did you notice I got my laptop back!? PRAISE Apple!
After I caught up on all of your blogs (oh hello new readers btw!) I convinced Aaron to take me to IKEA. He was a doll and took me, even though he was in a depressed mood because his account at work just announced that they were being cancelled.. Which means they are laying everyone off starting 1/31/2011:( Aaron has worked for them for six years!! UGH. I feel so badly for him, I hope he can find something better! I have to admit I am kind of excited for change though. He has worked the graveyard shift for the entire 5 years we have been together.. Let me tell you, it is tough! So if anyone in the Utah area knows of anything in the computer field that is hiring holla at your girl! hehe
I got two plastic bins from IKEA for my yarn/felt and my paper crafts. Which I am so excited about, I love organizing! Then I came home and lounged around with the pups, and crocheted another beanie. This one actually fit, and it's in my fav color go me!
I can never get a picture of Sammie and I where she is looking straight at the camera! Silly puppy:)
I hope everyone had as great of a day as I did! 
Have a good night, and a great Tuesday!


Gale said...

i'm glad the sun finally bid you hello! and where you live is gorgeous! look at those mountains!

i'm sorry to hear about aaron's job, but you are right about one thing, change is definitely GOOD. so best of luck to the both you and have fun with change! speaking of which, go you on weight loss! that's always new and exciting. :D

i love those beanies! you did a great job and made them super fast too.

hope you have another awesome day today!

Chrissy said...

So sorry to hear about Aaron's job! But, I bet he will find something much better!!!

Cute hats you made! You look very pretty holding your puppies!

Have another one of those awesome days girl!

la petite lydia said...

Would you share some of the sun with us, please?

I'm sorry about Aaron's job. That really stinks. I hope he finds something soon!

amylou said...

So glad that you got your computer back.
Sorry about his job! Hope he finds something great soon!
Love that beanie!

Lala said...

Oh wowww at those photos! Wish we still had snow :(

Love your blog, am now following you. Please stop by mine and if you like, follow me :)

Janna Lynn said...

What a day, Heidi! Glad you had such a good one!! I bet he will find a better job soon...graveyard shift is a bummer and I cannot imagine working it as long as he has!! Your beanie's are awesome...and you look great like usual..but as long as your happy with meeting your goals..that is important too! Hearts, Janna Lynn

With Love, Jamie said...

You are adorable!!
I really want some Toms...!
Oh & my husband shipped your package today for case it shows up & your wondering about the man-handwriting! ;)
So it's on it's way!!

Hello Again Vintage said...

Yipee for sunshine. We need some of that right now. It just finished snowing this morning.

Anyway, congrats on your weight loss! I can't wait 'til tomorrow to find out how much you've lost. You're an inspiration. :D

Whitney, Coty, and Mr. Mason said...

you can always crochet mason hats and things....

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