Thursday, January 27, 2011

On feet and banana's

I hate feet.
Especially mine, all broken and disproportionate.
I always forget to clip my toenails. Until it is too late and I am at work with no nail clippers, my nails digging into the side of my toes. Gross, I know.
My feet are too narrow, and the arches far too high.
Way long too, I could ski with these feet.
My big toes are just that big.
One is completely turned from a bad break.
I have schmegal(lotr reference) feet(sp?)
My husband on the other hand has hobbit feet.
he is going to be mad at me for this.
They descend from biggest to smallest by a few millimeters.
They are wide, and flat.
His toes are hairy and his toenails long.
He did cut them last night though.
WTH am I talking about this?!? 
Well today at work I was trying to draw a picture for my co worker of Aaron and my feet. I have no clue how we got on the topic... Oh yeah hairy legs, led to talking about my husbands hairy feet.
This is a pretty accurate depiction actually.. hahahaha.
Moral of the story, I hate feet.
Tonight I cut my moms hair.
About 4 inches in total.
She wanted bangs, so I cut them.
When she looked into the mirror afterwards she laughed.
I don't think she liked the bangs, even though she said she did.
I liked them.
I'm sure she will get used to them.
I ate a banana after cutting her hair, and I could have sworn it tasted like pineapple. So I had my mom try it.
Moral of the story: check to see if the person you are sharing a banana with is wearing lipstick first. Needless to say I picked that part off, maybe it was a good thing. She probably saved me what like 30 calories??
My house is still freezing, and the repairman has come twice. What to do, what to do. I feel like a nag having him come back a third time. Of course when he comes he gets it started in like a second. It works the whole time he is here, and then shortly after he leaves it won't work again. I hate that!
I set up a space heater in my living room so the dogs could hang out with me. They haven't left it since.
Sometimes I wish I was a dog. I would love to sit in the sun or next to a heater all day/night and sleep. Ohhhh to be a dog. Is that weird I wish I were a dog sometimes?
So I think I will give myself a blog award:
Most TMI blog post/Most Lacking substance post.
Sorry my content is so dull and odd today.
My brain is so tired, and perhaps the 3 hour nap I took after work didn't help.
Have a great night everyone!
(thank god it's almost Friday!) 
Hooray for weekends:)


kenzie said...

haha. i loved that you blogged about feet. seriously. and i'm sure your feet arent as bad as shmmmeggaaaalllll! my precciouuuss. i also enjoyed the drawing. i, too, wish i was a dog.
hope you get your heat fixed too. cute picture! i love yo' hair.

la petite lydia said...

I haaaate feet. They are gross. I just don't like feet in general. If someone touches me with their feet I freak out. Ewww feeeet.

Gale said...

you are lovely dear! haha i love that award you gave yourself. priceless. but i also love tmi blogs hahaa. that drawing of you and aaron's feet is kinda what i pictured just by you describing them. yay for descriptive writing lol. i hope you do get your heater fixed soon foreal. it's cold out there brr. i wish i were a dog. sigh...

Chrissy said...

I'd love to be a puppy as well, of course, only living with nice ladies like us...hahaha!!
So sorry to hear about your heating problem! Our water heater recently broke and we were without hot water for 2 days until it could be replaced! It was awful not being able to take a long hot shower...
Happy Friday sweet friend
Hugs xxx

Eva said...

My husband has Gollum feet, seriously. They're huge and have NO arch. Just flat.
Also, I often wish I were a cat.

Janna Lynn said...

This totally cracked me up too! I hate feet too, and things that smell like feet. Ewwwww! I always have feet problems because of my spine..which causes leg problems...which all leads right down to the feet. Boo! How much lipstick does your mom sport!!! My mom does that too..ha ha ha! :) I loved your post...I love all your posts! :) Hearts, janna lynn

Hello Again Vintage said...

Ewww I feel the same way about feet! And banana lipstick is super ewww. I think it's like finding hair in food.

Anyway, hope you have a beautiful weekend love.

♥ Grace

amyschmamey said...

This was not a dull post. A dull post is when I skim through it finding the most vital information and comment. I read this whole post. I am not a big fan of feet, but I don't hate them either. I don't think my feet are that pretty either. The hobbit feet are hilarious! :) :) The LOTR reference made me laugh. I hope you get your heat fixed.

With Love, Jamie said...

Your sooo silly! & that's why I love you! :)

Breeanna @ a brilliant melody said...

I cut my mom's bangs too.

Hope you can stay warm. Oh and I wish I were a dog sometimes too :)

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