Thursday, January 20, 2011

My therapist is a crochet hook.

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Today was a great day. (for real) Not just one of those days that has good and bad, and I pretend on thee blog that it was all roses.
It was truly a great day. 
Aaron and I received a package from my mother & sister in-law, all the way from Singapore. It was a nice surprise stuffed full of goodies(someone help me stay strong and keep away from the sweets!)
A lot of these treats are things that Aaron loved as a kid. He was very glad to get a package from his family, I know that he misses them a lot and it is nice to see them making him feel loved the best way they can. 
I opened again today at work so I got off early. I got home and decided I was too exhausted to not take a nap ;) So I left Aaron a voicemail before I went to bed asking him to bring home Cafe Rio on his way home from school. & he totally got my message and followed through on my request! YES. Two hours later when I woke up, he was just coming through the door with our food. After dinner I cuddled with my dogs and took a mass amount of photos, and then crocheted two hats and a headband:
New shirt they are hairstyles that begin with the letters a-z. I thought it was fitting being that I am a hairstylist.(well licensed at least)
I love this hat it is so comfy. I will be adding it to my shop as soon as I have decent enough lighting in my house to take good pics.. I only have a cell to take pictures on soooooooo.. All you with SLR's and other fancy schmancy camera's don't judge.
Sammie and Osc love to cuddle on my lap while I crochet I love them ♥
I told you I crocheted a ton of stuff today.. See above two photos lol.
I totally used the blemish fix on picnik! hahahah.. :)
       We were trying to have a photo shoot but they were too preoccupied with giving me kisses.
There is something about crocheting to me that is therapeutic. I am having a much better day than I have had in weeks. Life is good. Have a great night everyone!


Shandi said...

Fun! I love getting goodie packages in the mail! They're the best!

I'm happy to see we're both out of our funk! :D

Also, CUUUUUTE shirt! Where did you get it!?

AND! (haha) We REALLY need to have a crochet party! That headband is so cute! I've been wanting to make some headbands for Zumba, but I just can't get them to work the way I want.

One more thing, check out my blog! There's so much Heidi going on in there! Hehe :D

kenzie said...

ah im glad you had a good day! i did too actually...i think it has something to with being able to see the light at the end of the 'winter tunnel'. i'm ready for summer!
also, a-dor-able hats and headbands. (and dogs)
i especially like the green headband. so cute.

va said...

lovely hats , headbands , and items , very cute !

Gale said...

Don't you love packages in the mail with sweets in them?? hehe. That shirt is so cool and yes very fitting for a hairstylist..i didn't know that you were one! That's awesome.

You are a one crocheting maniac haha. And a darn good one too. How do you make these babies so fast?! I'M DIGGING THAT HEADBAND. And I think I might just have to purchase a beanie soon.

Have a good one Gwid :)

Angie said...

I want that greenish/yellow beeinie with the big square holes in it. Your getting good so quick.

Chrissy said...

So glad you had a good day!
Love getting care packages from the family - how sweet of them!

I totally get the therapeutical feeling you have crocheting! For me it's the knitting or creating new exciting things!

Happy Friday friend!!

la petite lydia said...

That is great! I love getting care packages. Do you guys ever get to go to Singapore?

My camera is my therapist. Most definitely.

With Love, Jamie said...

Hair stylist?? You went to Beauty School?? I went for a little while, but had to stop going when I found out I was pregnant...maybe some day I will return!
xo, Jamie

amylou said...

Hey Heidi! Do you ever get my emails? Just wondering.
What a sweet package!
You crochet such lovely things!
So glad you had a better day today.
Oh and my bday is Feb. 16th.
My momma likes to plan a little early. HAHA!

amyschmamey said...

In reply to your comment on my blog. That background was in a photobooth at a wedding that I shot with my hubs and Danielle. :)

Pen Pals you say!? Yes. Shoot me an email with your address. :)

amyschmamey said...

Shoot dang. Forgot to comment on this blog. You have been crocheting like a mad woman. Send me some of that crochet energy I need to start crocheting more things for my etsy shop! PRONTO! but I have no crochet motivation. I wish that my crochet needle was my therapist. ha. Awesome hairstyle shirt. :)

Janna Lynn said...

Ohhh my gosh you are sooo gifted...your crocheting is fabulous! I'm glad you had a great look like a model in your pics..for real! I got some supa zits right now...its like they got together and would only come out in groups of two or three. Oh well...I'm not going to be as smart as you and edit...I'll just have to take really creepy pics so no one notices :). Your doggies are soooo cute...and I love the hats and headbands! Rock on! Hearts, Janna Lynn

Saving Capulet said...

oh you are talented! I would love to learn how to knit and crochet! I am a big fan of slouchy beanie hats and it would be just convenient if I could make it rather than buy since they are usually expensive here in manila! And what a very good looking package! One can never have too much sweets!

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