Monday, December 20, 2010

Who knew hawaiian pizza was a choking hazard???!?

 This morning when I woke up and looked outside the whole city was covered in a blanket of white, I was thrilled. Unfortunately I had a migraine all morning and most of last night, but the snow makes everything seem better. I took a bunch of ibuprofen and went to lay back down. After about an hour or so my headache had faded considerably, so I went to my moms house to cut my older sister's hair. When I got to my moms they were eating lunch and my sister was not there yet. So I decided to finish baking the rest of my gluten free cookies while they ate Hawaiian pizza. I was sitting in the kitchen waiting for the cookies to bake while my 2 year old nephew was eating his lunch and singing jingle bells. When suddenly he stopped mid tune and as I looked at him to see why the singing had stopped, I noticed that he had a frightened look on his face and he was turning red and grasping for his throat. I began to scream for my mom who was sitting in the other room "MOM JOSH IS CHOKING!!!" My mom ran over and grabbed him from the stool, knocking it over. She began whacking him on the back, at that point he started to gag and the lodged food came out. The poor boy started to bawl and later after he had calmed down a bit I heard him say "grandma, you saved me!" He is so cute, but seriously seeing a child choke is one of the scariest things I have witnessed. On to a lighter note here the man of the hour is singing "Rudolph the red nosed reindeer"
I'm glad that my little buddy is okay, and was happy enough 10 minutes later to sing a song for his aunt Heidi. After the "incident" my sister came home and I cut her hair. Then Aaron and I went to IKEA to buy Aaron a new computer chair for his Christmas gift.
I have been crocheting a sweater for Oscar all weekend, it is nearly finished!! I will posted the finished product don't worry. Sammie kept stealing my yarn though, making it difficult. (you can see the teal yarn under her snout. What a little stinker!)

 I love it when my family all gets together. It is nice to have my niece visiting from California, we always have a great time together. The picture above is me with 3 of my nieces, this was our "silly face" picture.
 You might not be able to see it in this picture, but they had some sweet red moustache's going on.
 This picture was drawn by my niece of my dog on a present they made for them, haha I love little kid drawings.
Christmas presents under the tree ♥
I hope you all have got all of your Christmas shopping done! Have a great Christmas week.


with a chance of said...

I'm always so terrified my little girl is going to choke on something. She always takes huges bites and then runs around... argh... I'm glad he's alright! And he's a fabulous singer!!!

Have a Merry Christmas!!!

wichser studio said...

oh mY!! i'm so happy he's ok now! phewww..i know the feeling though. when i was younger, my brother had a balloon tied to his playpen. and you can imagine what happened next. it was terrifying. anyway, looks like the man of the hour is joyous again singing about rudolph haha. thanks for adding that video btw. hahaha i would've probably had a hard time sleeping if you hadn't lol.

anyways hope you get everything you need to get done before Christmas and have a beautiful week ahead with your loved ones!

amylou said...

Goodness! I'm so glad he is ok. that is pretty scary.

That little drawing is precious!

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